Focus On Everything Working Out

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In the last several days I have come across two separate sources that discussed the affirmation, Things are always working out for me. As a result, I decided to utilize it in my daily thoughts, and have found it very empowering.

At first glance, one could say that this expression cannot possibly always make things work out for us. However, regularly thinking this way helps us to feel good on a more consistent basis which is ultimately what most of us are looking for, and this type of thinking makes that possible.

Usually, we wait to feel good until our goals are achieved and we get the job, house, car or relationship that we desire. We spend our time engaging in certain activities, buying particular products or hanging around certain people with the desire to feel better.

Ironically, if we feel good ahead of our reaching our goals, we are more likely to attract those good experiences, and not have to struggle so much in their attainment. The right people, books or circumstances are more likely to be attracted to us when our energy is positive.

Conversely, if we are upset and complaining all the time, than that has a definite energy attached to it as well, and may detour the needed assistance we long for.

When we make feeling good a priority, our life changes, so we need to take how we feel seriously; without waiting for external situations to arrive or thinking unhelpful thoughts.

We do have control over the thoughts we choose to think, and can find a way to look at just about everything in a way that feels better.

For example, in my own life, we recently sold our house for a greater goal, and the initial discomfort and sadness led to some unhelpful thoughts such as:

“I wish we hadn’t sold our house,” or “We made a mistake.”

Those have since been replaced with more uplifting thoughts such as:

“How courageous we are to have sold our home in the interest of pursuing our long range goals,” and “We make great decisions.”

It is easy to forget that the more we focus on doubts or what is not working, and talk about it all the time, the worse we feel, and the more we may prevent things working out.

So, begin to think, and feel that things are always working out for you.

What has been a helpful affirmation for you?

Action Step:

Cut out the sign provided in this link and place where you will see it daily.

8 thoughts on “Focus On Everything Working Out

  1. Hi Cathie!
    What a wonderful affirmation and corresponding post! Thank you!

    How great to read that peace and confidence about your current path are coming back to you, inspite of the stormy seas you and your husband have sailed, recently. When we make big changes and things are being turned upside down it can be challenging to stay centred within that serenity – especially when the centre itself it shifting.

    I find what you wrote about attracting happiness by feeling happy (peace by feeling peaceful, …) to be very true in my own experience and the quote above is stating it beautifully. For me, the artistic path makes this especially obvious. Although I am aware that there are various approaches to art, I find the paths and work of those most inspiring, who create out of joy and en-joy the process of creating art. No matter how the result may look, it always feels authentic and has a special beauty which touches and inspires others. And isn’t life itself pure creation?

    Much love,

    • Such insightful and wise comments Steffi! Thank you! It is always a pleasure to read your beautiful words. So true your thoughts on making changes, and the challenges of staying centered in the shifting process. Seems there are always benefits that come from stretching beyond our comfort zone though, as evidenced by the many creative souls who inspire us, by joyfully expanding beyond what they thought was possible in their art and life. Blessings, Cathie

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