Write It Down

a scrapbook 3

There is something powerful about writing down on our thoughts, goals, dreams, and intentions, accompanied by visual aids such as pictures or drawings.

Putting it all down on paper is a very effective tool for attaining our desires by seeing a physical representation or blueprint of our objectives. It helps to solidify their arrival by motivating us to take the daily action steps needed to make them come true.

Many of us prefer to use our electronic devices for all our correspondence but in this case, it is fun to see our goals come alive in the form of a book which really gives a power boost to their fulfillment.

To that end, I recently bought a scrapbook at a local craft store and put the words goal book on the outside.

On the blank pages inside, I am creating a goal on each page using stickers, affirmations, and drawings with markers to indicate personal goals in all areas.

For example, one group of stickers is of the beach for more immediate vacation goals, as well as, longer range plans to live near the ocean one day. For my husband we bought graduation stickers for use in his education goal of finishing his Master’s degree.

It is a creative way to get excited about what we would like to see come to fruition, along with an action plan, and specific time frames. This makes it more attainable and not just a mere wishing for what we want.

It is not about living in the future, and waiting for achievement of our goals in order to be happy. Conversely, it is about giving power and exuberant energy to each day by the empowering steps we take, and joyfully experiencing new ideas on our journey.

For instance, I recently felt inspired by the use of my goal book to change the format of my ‘Find Your Place of Serenity Series.’ 

I wanted to create a more intimate atmosphere that offered a safe and comfortable space for sharing more personally about what matters most to the participants in their life.

Therefore, I changed the series from a teaching course, that involved poster boards and reading out of an assigned book, to a candlelit room with empowering discussion about anything a participant feels inspired to talk about. This adjustment has made a tremendous difference in the group sharing.

This demonstrates how making a few small alterations can have an enormous impact on the results we receive, and how we ultimately feel.

Seeing our intentions written out can help us to find better ways to revitalize our daily habits and routines toward a more contented way of life, not only for today but for the future as well.

Action Step:

Write down an aspiration you have, and compliment it with a relevant picture, affirmation or drawing for an added energy boost.

4 thoughts on “Write It Down

  1. Thank you, dear Cathie!

    I think, I’ll do that. (It’s late in my part of the world, so I will take action after a good night’s sleep.) As you know, I usually am not wired for a too fixed or specific kind of goal setting, but I love the creative engagement in this exercise. It reminds me of the Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee, which gifted me with some quite inspiring “impulses”. Also, still feeling like being at kind of a big “zero point” in my life, looking back at what I have accomplished as well as what I wish and choose to accomplish, next, might be exactly what I need. ❤

    What a great idea to allow the participants of your series to contribute their own experieces and insights to the course. Personally, I always felt especially empowered when attending classes and events where teachers allowed this space. 🙂

    Much love and lots of more fun and inspiration with your goal book,

    • Excellent Steffi! So glad you are planning to participate in this goal setting exercise, and expand on your wonderful creativity. I’m not familiar with Jennifer Lee but sounds like she inspires creative insights, and beneficial information. Thanks for your supportive response concerning my changes to the series, and offering a participants point of view. Glad to hear it is a format that you’ve experienced, and found to be very helpful. Have fun starting
      your goal book! 🙂 Blessings, Cathie

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