Awaken the Kid at Heart

a easter 2

As a child, I remember being at parties where we were instructed to make words out of other words, and whoever came up with the most would win a prize.

For example, if the party was for someone’s birthday, we would use their name or take the word birthday, and make other words from it such as:

  1. Birth
  2. Day
  3. Rib
  4. Rat

It was fun because it kept us entertained while waiting for our pizza or whatever food was being prepared.

Plus, the anticipation of a prize was fun too!

So, for the holiday, I thought we could use the word Easter in the same way as described above, for the kids, and the kid at heart.

Additionally, the word can be used to express what this holiday means to you or for identifying positive words that you associate with a contented life, or that simply make you feel good.

a easter

                                                             Below is a sample.

                                                                             E = Enjoyment

                                                                             A = Acceptance

                                                                             S = Serenity

                                                                             T =Transformation

                                                                             E= Enthusiasm

                                                                             R= Rejuvenation

What positive words would you use?

Happy Easter to all!


10 thoughts on “Awaken the Kid at Heart

  1. E = Ease
    A = Art
    S = See [the beauty]; Sea (as many people here go to the sea-side over Easter)
    T = Transformation
    E = Equilibrium
    R = Rest

    (You could build the word “tease” out of “Easter” – but somehow it did not fit into the list of positive things… 😉 )

    Thank you for making my inner child happy, dear Cathie.


    Much love,

    • Love it Steffi! Thanks for sharing your wonderful list! Glad to hear it made your inner child happy! 🙂 Hope you had a chance to ‘see the sea’ over the holiday! Blessings, Cathie

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