Clean Your Mental Filters

a filter

Spring is a great time to spruce up our external environments, and our internal ones as well. It is a time to wash away the accumulation of the old, and get a fresh perspective.

Much like dirty air filters can block good circulation in our homes, our negative mental filters or thought patterns, can block the circulation of good feelings within us as well.

By focusing only on the negative aspects of a given situation, and filtering out all of the positive aspects about it, we miss the blessing within them.

For instance, sometimes our seemingly ‘bad’ feelings are alerting us that something or someone in our life is not in our best interest, and to pay attention to that.

Without the discomfort, we might not otherwise investigate a potentially harmful situation, speak up or explore healthier environments. In that way, our unhappiness can be a blessing that leads us to more personal awareness, and better choices.

Additionally, our life challenges, and the way we handle them, can be an inspiration and catalyst for others to expand their vantage point as well. There are endless examples of people who defy restrictive thoughts, and go on to show us other ways to handle disappointment or misfortune.

For example, I have been watching Dancing with the Stars, and it is an amazing experience to watch one of the contestants on the show this season, Iraq War Veteran Noah Galloway.

He is missing parts of his limbs, but is not missing on strength or determination. In spite of his circumstances, he rose above defeated thinking, and is showing us anything is possible.

Watching people like him is a good reminder of how positive and courageous thinking can wash away limitations, and that there are many ways to handle challenges beyond what we believe is possible.

It all depends on what lens or filter we are looking through, and how we decide to face any challenges that come along.

Action Step:

Ask yourself what your discomfort is telling you today? Is there a positive side to the experience?


4 thoughts on “Clean Your Mental Filters

  1. Dear Cathie!

    Thank you for this inspiring and encouraging post.
    So true that it always depends on how we choose to look at something. Also, great questions in the Action Step. I love how they allow the discomfort to be a friendly pointer at where we can allow ourselves to be more authentic (as opposed to making us feel wrong)!

    Much love,

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