Say a Prayer Today

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Often, we don’t know what someone is going through, and even when we do, we can feel helpless to help.

A few days ago, I learned that one of my siblings received some devastating health news, and the prognosis does not look good. There has definitely been a feeling of helplessness, as the unfavorable information, and projected outcomes continue to be assessed.

However, in speaking about the situation on the phone yesterday, we did begin to speak about the power of prayer, and the miracles that can come from that.

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It seemed to bring great comfort that vast amounts of prayers would be requested on their behalf, through prayer chains in churches, and more private requests as well.

What positive ways do you find comfort?

8 thoughts on “Say a Prayer Today

  1. I very much believe in the power of prayer.I will add your sibling’s name ( sibling of Cathie) to the prayer chain of Ocean Grove and will also pray personally for a positive outcome and for the ability for an acceptance of the outcome. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Dear Cathie!

    First of all, I am sending love, prayers and good thoughts for you, your sibling and your loved ones. ❤

    Coincidentally, I have been pondering about the power of prayers and positive thoughts a lot myself, especially during the last week. I have experienced the power of those energies, several times, during my own life path and deeply believe in it. People might have different names for it, but sending love to each other to give support in challenging situations surely is very powerful in my book.

    There are two ways to send those supportive powers on their way, which currently seem to work best for me, personally:

    One is Ho'oponopono.

    The other one is, to speak out loud the situation I want to see, starting with "I Am" in a fashion of it already being so, so that my innate can hear it. Like, for example: "I am completely healthy and grateful for it." Or, if I do it for others: "I am grateful that soandso is completely healthy." I do this at least twice, once in the morning after getting up and once in the evening before going to sleep. This method was brought to me by the recent Kryon chanelings through Lee Carroll, by the way.

    I Am sending much LOVE to you,

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful thoughts, energy and comments Steffi. All is very much appreciated. Your two ways of sending supportive powers are really great! I know exactly what you mean on expressing our desires as if they are already are a reality. Years ago, I shared with a friend to say to herself, “Thank you for my healing,” when she was going through a liver transplant. She credits those words and her resultant mindset as huge contributors to her getting well. As you said, “I Am” is also very powerful, along with Ho’oponopono, (an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.) I looked that practice up, and it was very interesting to read about. As always, you brighten up, and inform with every post and comment. Many blessings, Cathie

      • Cathie,

        the story you shared about your friend who had the liver transplant is beautiful and one I can absolutely relate to. In several challenging situations of my own live it was a great support to state the desired situation as already there. Just very recently my husband and I experienced this again, actually.

        How great to hear that the Ho’oponopono practice resonates with you. On YouTube are many videos for mediation with this ancient practice – some combined with powerful Solfeggio frequencies. It is also nice and powerful to listen to them while, for example, working on the computer. I have a few favourites, but the selection is so plentiful that it might be best to check out the diverse YouTube videos, yourself, and find what resonates best with you. (Or, if it feels right, check out my post from April 28th 2015 – there are two videos and a link to my corresponding Pinterest board.)

        If you like, also check out those Kryon channelings about the innate – I experienced them as very insightful and powerful:

        The second one says it is in German – but it really is in English with additional German translation (Lee says it in English and then somebody says it in German – both well audible).

        I talked to Kim (my husband) and we both keep you, your sibling and your loved ones in our daily prayers.

        Much love,

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