Let Your Guard Down

a stranger

I was watching a program the other day that was honoring the musical talents of Billy Joel. Many of his popular hits were showcased, and several of them were from the album, The Stranger which was introduced in 1977.

His external changes were a stark reminder of how long ago that recording came out, and how fast time has gone since then. Still, the words of his songs are timeless.

As some of his lyrics to ‘The Stranger’ below suggests, we can all probably relate to having a social identity that is different from what we feel deep down within us. Our insecurities can keep us from showing our true self, and accepting all parts of who we are.

a stranger 3

“Well we all have a face
That we hide away forever
And we take them out and show ourselves
When everyone has gone.”

Therefore, it is tempting to present a more polished version of ourselves in order to have people view us in a certain way. Many of us are afraid of rejection, and this can stop us from being authentic in our sharing, and connecting our vulnerabilities with others.

However, the more we lower our social mask, and open up with trusted others, the more our fears diminish, and the more that playing a part becomes a hindrance instead of a protection.

Do you find it easy to let your guard down?

a stranger 2

4 thoughts on “Let Your Guard Down

  1. I tend not to let my guard down, even with the people closest to me … I think they’re so used to me being a certain way, that I am almost too ashamed about my deepest feelings to share them with them.

    • Thanks for letting your guard down here with your honest comments, and sharing what many can relate to. It is wise to be discerning with who we share ourselves with, and finding those we feel comfortable opening up to. Our feelings are important, and when shared with loving others can be very freeing.

  2. It is a complicated issue. It is important not to be too open because other people can sometimes (even unintentionally) be very hurtful. It is a joy to know people who allow one to be themselves and are always encouraging. I am blessed to have a few friends like that. ❤

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