Enjoy the Scenery

a umbrella and chairs

We’ve all heard the expression, “Stop and smell the roses” which encourages us to take the time and enjoy what is happening around us.

Recently, we did just that.

We just returned from a long weekend at the shore, and it was delicious. What made this trip extra special was purchasing an umbrella and chairs and sitting at the water’s edge, and really taking in the beauty of the scene before us.

Usually, we just walk around the beach and take in the sights on foot but this time we decided to really embrace the beauty of the beach by becoming a part of it. We sat there for hours, just enjoying each other and the setting. It was very peaceful for the soul.

After a while, we played some paddle ball near our resting site too which was a lot of fun.

a paddle ball

The mixture of contemplative time and just plain fun is as necessary to our lives as good nutrition, exercise and rest.

What does stopping to ‘smell the roses’ look like for you?

Action Step:

Take some time today to enjoy the scenery of your life.


6 thoughts on “Enjoy the Scenery

  1. Love that you stopped at looked at the sea rather than rushing about photographing it. As I get older I am starting to think real memories are just as good if not more so than photos. A balance (as always).

    • Yes, thanks. It made a huge difference to ‘BE’ in the ‘experience’ instead of trying to capture it on film. Physical photos are nice but the memory of this trip from the internal pictures, and feelings captured are priceless. Appreciate your insightful comments.

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