Create Something Special

a magazine

Next year, I am planning to start an on-line magazine containing positive articles of hope and inspiration. This wellness publication will utilize the collective contributions of many selected published authors, who will deliver encouraging thoughts on the power of our mind, body, and spirit.

It is my intention:

To create a holistic magazine that nurtures and inspires readers to enhance and energize their lives. In order to accomplish this work of love, the articles will focus on self-care efforts to improve our thinking, honor our physical health, and express our spirituality. By creating balance and harmony within us, we can make better choices and produce more meaningful experiences around us.

As preparations get finalized, and a definitive launch date is established, I will be asking writers to submit their articles for review at that time.

Until then, I look forward to hearing about something special you have created or have a desire to create.

14 thoughts on “Create Something Special

  1. this is great. I realize now that self care is the very foundation of a meaningful life. I suppose we are born with an ability to self care but it can be easily robbed from us from by the world. Hooray for people committed to re educating people on how to achieve it and perhaps a refresher course is a good idea too. XX

  2. I have always thought that it would be amazing to create a newspaper or a magazine, that only concentrates on positive things happening in the world, instead of the usual “this person was murdered”, “person beaten up”, “war” and so on. To wrote about simple acts of kindness, big acts of kindness, people who are changing the world into a better place and so on πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the magazine, I love the idea πŸ’™

  3. Dear Cathie,

    What a wonderful creation!

    In fact, I have had a vision of doing some kind of online magazine for many years. (Who would have thought that we are aiming in similar directions, once more… πŸ˜‰ ) The idea first had to get detached from old “strings” though, and the new door has not shown up for me, yet. The happier it makes me to see that you are making your vision true! I am so looking forward to read more about it when the time comes. ❀

    Until then I will slowly but surely begin to catch up with all the blog posts I have missed during the past weeks.

    Much love and lots of joy in preparing the launch of the Spirutual Wisdom Magazine,

    • Many thanks dear Steffi! I’ve missed seeing you around, and hearing your wonderful words. How fun that we are like minded on the magazine idea too! I look forward to catching up and hearing how you are doing. Many blessings, Cathie

  4. Cathie- This sounds like a great idea.!I wish you the very best, and I look forward to reading some of the articles!

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