Expect Good Results

a nocebo

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford

We have all probably heard about the placebo effect which is an amazing phenomenon, where an inactive substance like a sugar pill improves a patient’s condition simply because a person believes and expects they are going to benefit from it. This can be witnessed through actual improvement in their symptoms.

What may be less known, is the nocebo effect which is an equally amazing phenomenon, where that same sugar pill can degrade a patient’s condition simply because a person believes and expects they are going to be harmed from it, often experiencing damaging side effects.

Usually, the attitude, disposition and choice of words used by the physician providing the pills or medical prognosis will strongly influence which effect we experience. This is because the power of suggestion is very strong, and can unconsciously bring about the outcome we are told to expect.

For instance, if we are told in a kind and comforting way about our prognosis, and what we can do to enhance our well-being than we will respond quite favorably.

Conversely, the foreboding and negative delivery of a medicines side effects, health prognosis or length of time to live can be quite detrimental by removing hope, even though miracles happen every day.

This is not to say that we should only look for those who tell us what we want to hear or that others are responsible for what we choose to believe. However, it does encourage the importance of being discerning, and putting ourselves around those who are more mindful in their communication style, and believe all things are possible.

Though much is not fully known about all the psychological workings of either the placebo or nocebo effects, it does illustrate the power of the mind.

It reminds us to never underestimate the power of our expectations, beliefs and what we choose to focus on or whom we choose to listen to.

Filling our environment with positive people, places and things will inspire optimism, and encourage us to keep the faith while expecting only good results in all areas of life.

Action Step:

Ask yourself if you expect good things to happen or are regularly expecting ‘the other shoe to drop’ instead?

2 thoughts on “Expect Good Results

  1. Dear Cathie,

    What a beautifully encouraging post, again. Thank you!
    Yes, believing that good results are possible even if we feel that darkness is closing in on us does make a difference. At least this is, what I have experienced before and, in fact, am experiencing, right now.

    Also, I often wondered if maybe what we know about effective medicine generally works like a placebo… I mean, as a mass conciousness we believe that certain medicine works for ceartain diseases. That is what we are taught, sometimes for generations. And guess what? They do work (for most uf us, at least). Makes you wonder how much more power the mind might have, than we are aware of. It is kind of a crazy thought, I know…

    Much love – we still have you and yours in our prayers,

    • Dear Steffi! So pleased you enjoyed this post. Sorry that this has been a challenging time for you but am glad you continue to picture good results in spite of it. That is not easy to do all the time. So true, that we have been conditioned to believe that certain medicines, and treatments work which certainly must aid in their effectiveness, beyond the actual ingredients. Not a crazy thought at all since that’s what makes the placebo so amazing; our wonderfully powerful minds. Thanks for kind blessings, Cathie

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