Help When You Can

a help needed

I am very touched by the passion and heart that my friend Jennie has for all animals and especially doggies. She mentioned today that a puppy was recently rescued from a dumpster, and is in need of many tests and medicines to get him in healthy shape.

She has personally donated many dollars of her own toward his recovery at the veterinary hospital called, VetMed in Arizona, and is asking for any donation amount toward his immediate care needs.

Rather than just individually donating some money, I thought I would also pass this information along, so that a larger accumulation of funds could get there in the shortest amount of time.

The dog’s name is Trooper, and due to the timely needs of this sweet puppy, she is asking that we call the veterinary hospital at 602-697-4694 up to midnight tonight or in the morning and mention Trooper’s name for our funds to go to the right destination.

Having a personal passion is a wonderful experience, and observing it in others can be a very healing and contagious experience as well.

What cause brings joy and enthusiasm to your life?

11 thoughts on “Help When You Can

  1. Thank you Cathie for spreading the word about “Trooper” the dumpster dog.
    Dr. Grant at VetMed sent out a fluid test from the cavity around his lungs today so we will get the results this week.
    In the meantime the sweet little 10 week old border collie mixed puppy who spent who knows how long in the trash will still have to be kept in isolation 24/7 in the hospital.
    Passionate People 4 Paws is the current foster for this pup. They have networked and donated every dime they can but are still short a few thousand for the very expensive round the clock care.
    This pup is not hopeless. He is sitting up today and doing better after IVs and antibiotics. His fever has also gone down.
    We just need to keep him in the hospital until a definitive answer is found and the correct drugs administered.
    Then he will go home to the founders home of Passionate People 4 Paws and adopted out to a lucky, loving family. You can see his story on FB at the Pasionate People’s site.
    Thank you for helping this puppy who brings joy and enthusiasm to my life!!

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