Dream a New Dream

a dream

On the phone the other day, I was talking with someone about her desires for the future, and she said she needed to “Dream a new dream.’

The beauty of that statement has really stuck with me.

How often have we made our precise plans, and then a situation occurs that alters our direction but leads us to better outcomes for our ultimate well-being?

Like those jobs or relationships we thought we had to have but were denied, only to be blessed with an even better job or relationship down the road.

In her case, it seems that over a course of many years, she had been taking all the appropriate steps to make her specific intentions materialize, and all was evolving quite nicely until several months ago.

Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, she has recently been faced with having to adjust her plans.

Instead of abandoning her ideas and hope altogether, she plans to proceed to make her goals a reality but just not in the exact way or timetable she originally imagined.

Her positive attitude, flexibility, and strength are an inspiration.

What derailed plans of yours turned out to be blessings in disguise?

3 thoughts on “Dream a New Dream

  1. Oh dear – I’ve had many derailed plans through no fault of my own. What do I do? I reinvent myself. I try to understand that the river of life is just taking me in another direction. I really believe the universe gives us want we need, not what we want 😉

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