Take a Different View

a oceanview

We just returned from a beach getaway which was complete with a room overlooking the ocean. It was wonderful to wake each day to see the beautiful expanse of water before us, and sleep to the sound of the waves each night.

Usually, we’ll take a less idyllic room location in favor of using those upgraded funds for recreational purposes outside the hotel. Though we did get out and have our fun in the sun, it made a big difference to treat ourselves to the experience of the view we had from the balcony too.

Having a different viewpoint can affect many other areas of our life as well, even the way we view the holidays can greatly change our experience of them.

For myself, for years I viewed the holidays with great sadness because my mother had died the middle of December many years ago.

Each time the season rolled around, it brought up all that was absent from my life, and how much I missed her.

However, now I view the holidays as a time for celebrating all the blessings in my life, and expressing gratitude for having a wonderful mother like I did.

Not that holiday time is the only time for experiencing these wonderful feelings but it is fun to join in with others who are acknowledging their gratitude too, and expressing it through their own holiday traditions.

A friend was telling me the other day that she and her family will collect ornaments when on vacation or other special places throughout the year, and make their Christmas tree a memory tree.

So, each year when they decorate the tree, they happily reminisce about those times they shared together.

What traditions or activities do you engage in to make this time so special?

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!






4 thoughts on “Take a Different View

  1. What a lovely view! I think it is always possible to find things to be sad about and equally possible to find things to be happy about. The choice is ours which we want to dwell on. I was thinking this year there are two types of people at Christmas both are trying. one group trying to make everything magical and awesome and the other group… well just….trying…….:-D
    Merry Christmas to one of the former.

    • Thanks for your great comments, which are always insightful! There does seem to be some pressure surrounding Christmas to have it be the best day ever! However, when the holidays are viewed as a reminder to celebrate our life and loved ones, rather than a gift or happiness competition, it makes the season a more pleasant and satisfying experience all around. 🙂

  2. Bob was married to his first wife on Christmas Eve many years ago. When we were first married we always went on vacation over the holidays. As the years went by and circumstances prevented that we still made sure we attended Christmas Eve services. We have attended Catholic and Protestant churches, services in English, Spanish and even German. Music has ranged from traditional organ music to a string quartet to a rock band. We’ve worshiped in churches located in strip malls, a warehouse and beautiful cathedrals. The last few years Bob has stopped driving and I no longer drive at night, but we continue our tradition via live stream; This year we attended two services, a beautiful New Thought candle lighting service in Kansas City and a kind of wild and crazy church family “birthday party” in California. I’m afraid Christmas Eve would be pretty grim if we had not started our own tradition early on in our marriage.

    Your beach vacation sounds wonderful!

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