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Bring Forth Your Best Self

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“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.

– Michelangelo

It has been said that when Michelangelo was asked how he carved his marble masterpiece of the biblical hero David, he responded by saying, “I chipped away everything that wasn’t David.” 

He spent years sculpting and chiseling away all that was blocking his image of David from coming forth within the marble that surrounded him.

This is analogous to how our life experiences can sculpt and shape us as well.

Even though some of us learned more beneficial ways to deal with life situations than others, we all tend to have certain thought patterns, habits or manners in which we behave that block our best selves from shining forth.

We can get lost behind stored up anger, frustration, low self-esteem, and depression that come from accumulated disappointments and loss.

This collection of emotional baggage can hide the best version of ourselves, and keep us from discovering our true nature behind it.

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Therefore, in order to unpack some of our unresolved concerns or burdens we have to take a look inside, and inventory the contents.

A good way to start is by taking some time alone to write out any troubling situations, thoughts, and feelings in detail without judgement.

This helps us find out what is weighing us down, and draining our emotional energy. From there, we gain awareness and compassion for ourselves while seeing what actions we can take.

Maybe we’ll discover we need to spend more time with supportive people, forgive someone or set some boundaries and ask for help.

What processes have helped you lighten your journey?


Delight in Being You

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“Make the experience of living with you the most wonderful experience imaginable. Wake up in the morning so thrilled to find yourself and feel the joy of spending another day with you.” 

— Louise Hay

Happy New Year!

May the above quote inspire you to love yourself more, criticize yourself less, and experience more joy in your own company this year.


Start with a Big Hug!

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