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Know Your Worth

a to the wrong person

The quote above is a good reminder of how futile it is to focus our attention on those that are wrong for us, when there are people that are absolutely right for us.

We need to know our own significance and treat ourselves accordingly, and then we will recognize when someone is right for us, as their treatment of us will match our own.

Certain individuals will never be able to give us what we need, but that is not a reflection of our value unless we allow it to be.

Naturally, it can feel very personal and upsetting to hear unwelcome comments or experience inattentiveness by someone we wanted to connect with. However, it is more disturbing to continuously try to get something from someone that is not available.

On the other hand, what a gift it is to find like-minded individuals with whom we organically connect with, and who unconditionally appreciate our existence.

It is extremely beneficial to our overall well-being to spend focused time with those who feed our soul, and the authentic, intimate sharing that makes life so satisfying.

That’s why it is important to spend our precious time with those that most closely reflect the values that are important to us, and with whom we feel most valued by as well.

We all have different requirements and expectations for what we desire in relationships, so what might be right for one person is not for another.

However, what is universal is that though none of us are perfect, there are those that are perfect for us which means everything.

What makes you feel valued?

Action Step:

Be intentional with whom, and how you spend your time today.


Be an Original

a be yourself

When I was writing my book, The Right Relationship Starts with You back in 2012, I was concerned about whether or not the information I was discussing was too repetitive or similar to other personal development authors or sources.

My editor’s response at the time was, There is no new information under the sun.”

She meant that although there is much written about a certain topic such as meditation, for example, there is no single individual who can claim ownership of the practice itself.

Therefore, our uniqueness comes from sharing our own experience, ingenuity, voice, and style, when conveying thoughts about any topic being discussed.

Celebrating our distinctiveness and creating the best version of ourselves is a wonderful experience, and far more valuable than a copied version of someone else.

How are you celebrating your individuality today?