Be an Original

a be yourself

When I was writing my book, The Right Relationship Starts with You back in 2012, I was concerned about whether or not the information I was discussing was too repetitive or similar to other personal development authors or sources.

My editor’s response at the time was, There is no new information under the sun.”

She meant that although there is much written about a certain topic such as meditation, for example, there is no single individual who can claim ownership of the practice itself.

Therefore, our uniqueness comes from sharing our own experience, ingenuity, voice, and style, when conveying thoughts about any topic being discussed.

Celebrating our distinctiveness and creating the best version of ourselves is a wonderful experience, and far more valuable than a copied version of someone else.

How are you celebrating your individuality today?


6 thoughts on “Be an Original

  1. My personal journey although it is similar to many I guess how am I dealing with those obstacles are the best version of who I am as a person and as a mother. Everyday is a learning process and it never ends, and I agree with you on this post.

    • Thank you and yes, so true that every day is a learning process. Love how you mention that though our journeys may be similar to others, the way we handle challenges is uniquely our own. Sounds like you are dealing with yours in a positive manner. Appreciate your comments.

  2. Dear Cathie,

    Thank you for sharing this experience.
    It is something I am learning to allow into my life better and better, now: To be an original without feeling ashamed for being different.
    In fact, I feel that we are living in a time when this realisation is vital and more and more people begin to celebrate “oneness in diversity”!

    Much love,

    • Hi Steffi, always great to hear from you. Agreed, it is wonderful to appreciate our differences rather than feeling inferior because of them. It would sure be boring if we were all the same. So, as you say, it would be good to celebrate “oneness in diversity.” Blessings to you my friend, Cathie

  3. Ecclesiastics 1:9. True there is nothing new under the sun. HOWEVER! 😀
    Humans are always thinking up new and exiting methods of imparting information and expressing themselves. Different techniques resonate with different people (we learn in different ways) and it may have been experienced before by other people but if we are experiencing and learning something new, it is new to us. The exciting thing is the person experiencing the situation is doing so in a unique way so therefore the new thing under the sun is the new unique person and their unique experience. I too am on a quest to be be the best version of my self and grow beyond my programming.
    ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Very well said. Thank you. Your thoughtful and insightful comments really get to the heart of the matter. So true, that we all learn and experience things in our own unique way. Therefore, it is a blessings to have a variety of sources who deliver information differently; offering more options to emotionally connect with. Ten instructors can give us the same message but based on their delivery, tone, body language and such, only one or some would ignite new awareness into our personal conditioning. 🙂

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