Connect Face to Face

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Recently, we attended a family wedding across the country, and it was absolutely wonderful to reconnect with those we hadn’t seen in a very long time. A few members of the family have had health issues in recent months, so making the commitment to attend the wedding was even more crucial. In times like that, we start to realize how much certain individuals mean to our life.

In our busy world, it is often difficult to connect face to face with all our loved ones, especially if they don’t live in the same part of the country as we do. Sure, we have social media channels, our phones and other technological gadgets; however, nothing really replaces the face to face experience of spending time in person.

Often times, misunderstandings and hurt feelings can arise when it’s been awhile since face to face visiting has occurred. Emails, phone calls and texting are wonderful forms of interim communication but not a replacement for the regular addition of personal contact.

We have committed to making regular visits with loved ones across the miles, as a result of the great experience we encountered this past week.

No doubt it can be expensive to travel on a frequent basis but sharing the expenses by taking turns visiting each other’s homes or meeting halfway between respective geographical locations can make a huge difference.

Additionally, moving closer together can make those connections even more of a regular situation if jobs and other livelihood concerns can be met.

Certainly, for some of us, familial relationships are fractured and the desire to reconnect is not of interest or in our best interest to do so, due to abuses and the like, which is to be respected.

However, when those conditions are not the case, it is always a good reminder that time flies by quickly, and to not allow physical distance to keep us from visiting those we love whenever possible.

How do you make connecting a regular experience?


8 thoughts on “Connect Face to Face

  1. It is worth it to make the effort to see people and tell them face to face how much they mean to us. I make sure I do that at Christmas and for our Australia Day weekend.

  2. It is very hard when you live in another country than your family. I am visiting my mum at least 4 times a year. This time is very precious to me as my family is so small. for us it used to be funerals every body come together. sad really. So I am enjoying my time with my mum thoroughly.

    • I can relate to family funerals being a gathering time in the past. However, how wonderful to turn that all around by visiting many times throughout the year now! So true, that time together with loved ones is precious, and makes the heart happy. Thanks for spreading your happiness here too! 🙂

  3. Lovely post and you’re right, nothing quite makes up for face to face contact. With family and friends spread across the UK and abroad, we travel a lot to see them. Always fun, rewarding and great to catch up properly. Otherwise I find email contact works very well and yes…telephone! I laugh at how the young seem to forget that you can actually use a phone to talk on!

    • Thank you. How great that you make such an effort to keep connected with loved ones, and enjoy the results too! So true, that ‘talking’ on the phone has almost become a lost art of communication and replaced with texting. 🙂 All forms have there place but certainly face to face is at the top of the list!

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