Continue to Learn

continue to learn 3

The process of learning can be exciting, and challenging at the same time. It is usually more comfortable to stay with what is known to us, and not risk the feelings of discomfort that accompany any new undertaking.

However, as we know from past educational experiences, the newness eventually wears off while the gifts that come from expanding ourselves are a great long lasting result of our efforts.

That being said, through a series of recent conversations, I decided to expand my world, and venture into the world of Facebook which for many has been a regular part of their communication systems for years.

I look forward to visiting these additional communities while keeping with WordPress as well.

Hope to see you on both!

What new things are you learning?

2 thoughts on “Continue to Learn

  1. Wow! My ami eye supplier suggested I go on Facebook because people could link my patterns through it. I am seriously considering it too. 😀

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