Believe in the Power of Magic


When we think of magic, what often comes to mind is a master magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat or other tricks on stage. However, the magic I am referring to is the “meaningful coincidences” or synchronicity that happens in life, where unrelated events occur that seem to be importantly linked, yet have no apparent underlying connection.

For example, in my book, I relay a story about a woman who met her future husband, by spilling the contents of her purse on the ground, after running into him on her way out of a New York City salon in tears. She had just received a terrible haircut, and poor treatment by the highly regarded stylist, and he happened to be perfectly placed for their encounter at just the right time.

Or, we may have less epic life changing events, such as when we suddenly start thinking about someone we haven’t seen in a long time, and they call us ‘out of the blue’ or we run into them somewhere we don’t usually go.

In retrospect, we can probably reflect on many situations, where if any of the events that occurred had not happened the way they did, we may not have met our current partner, have the career we value today, or any other number of life circumstances we enjoy.

Anything that positively lines up, can be considered a matter of ‘luck’ or ‘being at the right place at the right time’ but either way it’s magic when it happens!

What magical “coincidences” have you encountered?


6 thoughts on “Believe in the Power of Magic

  1. Happens to me quite frequently. There are many events, we do not recognize, since we have no senses developed for it and are surprised when they happen.

  2. It happens to me frequently also. It is a very interesting topic. It also reminds me of the old saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” I have noticed things that were under my nose but didn’t notice them because I can only believe I wasn’t ready to notice them. X

  3. Dear Cathie,
    This beautiful post reminds me of Tiffany Aching – one of my favourite characters from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels – when she says:
    “Just because you know how it happens it does not stop being magic.”
    Many people dismiss the synchronicities or coincedences in life and then believe that there is no benevolent guidance in the universe. Once I began to acknowledge them, I slowly noticed more and more of these happenings. Meanwhile they are a regular part of my life and I am indeed very grateful for them.
    For example: They often lead me to your wonderful posts at exactly the time when I am going through similar experiences as described in the regarding article or when I am in need of hearing/ reading the message provided, as you know. 😉
    Much love,

    • Thank you for your lovely comments as always Steffi! So glad to be reading them again! I love “coincidences” and the ability to see them as not just random events! It is comforting to feel led to realizations or actions and not have to figure everything out ourselves. We need divine help in our daily lives, and so thoughtful that you include this blog as part of what you are led to read. Blessings, Cathie

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