Make May Meditation Month

meditation monthA while ago, I had written a mindfulness mantra, and the meditation process listed below. Many reported that they found both to be very helpful. Meditation is also discussed on Day 4 of my 21 Day personal development guide.

No better time than the present to get started or recharge the habit. Candles and soft music are optional but are wonderful accompaniments!


  • Find a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
  • Breathe in good thoughts, soothing images, and peaceful outcomes.
  • Breathe out tension, stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Select a positive statement or series of statements such as, “I love my life,” “All is well,” or “Everything works out for my highest good.”
  • Introduce those affirmations while you visualize a ball of light entering the top of your head and traveling down to the tips of your toes, spreading a healing energy throughout your body.
  • Repeat this as many times as you need to clear away any unhelpful thoughts, or projections that cause an internal disturbance.

meditation woman 2

Mindfulness Mantra

I am generous, I am kind,

and in complete control of my mind.

When negative thoughts try to lead me astray,

I focus on blessings I live with each day.

So grateful for choices, love, joy, and peace,

through prayer and meditation, these can only increase.

— Cathie Barash

What positive words, mantras or practices work best for you?


10 thoughts on “Make May Meditation Month

  1. I drop my shoulders. It relaxes me and re connects me with my physical self. and then I breathe.

  2. What a beautiful mantra and meditation – for May and for the rest of the year, as well. Thank you, Cathie!
    The process you describe is very similar to how I meditate. It can vary occasionally, though:
    Sometimes I prefer to sit in silence and solitude and just notice what is and breathe with it. Sometimes I like to choose a short mantra or a one-word mantra, so that I do not have to remember too many words and my mind can relax while staying focussed. I also like the way, Deepak Chopra is structuring his meditations: He is exploring a topic for about 10 minutes, then stating a centering thought right before he begins the meditation with a corresponding short Mantra. At the end he then comes back to the centering thought which you may carry into your day.
    From now on, your Mantra will be part of those variations, too. 🙂
    Much love,

    • Lovely comments Steffi! I like all the ways you described that you enjoy meditating. So glad there is no right or wrong way to do it. The peaceful outcome is the best! Appreciate your mention that you will be including my mantra too! Best, Cathie

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