Compare Yourself to Yourself

compare yourself to yourself4

Too often, we compare ourselves to others who seem to be more joyful, talented, or enlightened than we are, rather than celebrating ourselves, and how far we’ve come in our own life.

Even if we do appreciate our journey, and all that we’ve gained so far, it can seem to pale in comparison to someone else who is getting more accolades or attention for their position in life.

It is at these times that we need to remember to compare ourselves to ourselves, and revel in the progress we’ve made, the challenges we’ve overcome, and the help we’ve provided to others.

By honoring the changes, wisdom or growth we’ve experienced thus far, we are better able to notice, and appreciate the positive contributions we make in our world, even if we aren’t famous around the world.

We do not have to be a renowned professional in order to add value to the sphere around us. However, we do need to rejoice in our individuality, and enjoy the skills that we have been blessed with.

For instance, many of us are innately wonderful teachers, homemakers, photographers, artists, parents and communicators. Our originality is needed, and we shouldn’t mistakenly believe that anyone can do what we do, just because it comes naturally to us. We are one of a kind.

So, rather than discounting or comparing ourselves to someone else, it is important to see our natural abilities as specially designed for a purpose beyond our imaginings, and allow them their full expression. After all, it would be pretty boring if all the flowers in a garden looked the same or we were all alike.

What quality about yourself do you enjoy?



24 thoughts on “Compare Yourself to Yourself

  1. Ah, such a beautiful reminder – and how good that does! Thank you, Cathie! ❤

    A late friend of mine used to say:
    "Each of us brings their unique part to the whole. If one is missing, the circle is incomplete."
    In a world where competition seems to be promoted at every corner, it sometimes seems all to easy to forget this truth.

    As for the quality I enjoy about myself:
    I believe it is this combination of clarity, love and empathy which many people notice as a presence that makes them feel good, instantly.
    The more I accept the uniqueness of how this shines into the world through me (others may have similar qualities, yet, each of us brings them into the world in a unique way), the more I can enjoy it, myself.

    Much love – and shine/ bloom on!

    • Love what your friend shared about each of us bringing our unique part to the whole Steffi! Also, the qualities you mentioned about yourself are so true. You bring all those great qualities into your comments in such a warm and very kind way that can be felt! Appreciate knowing you. Best, Cathie

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