Delight In Whatever Path You Choose

The sea brings me back to me

With travel season upon us, there was much discussion with friends over the holiday weekend, on where everyone was spending their summer vacations.

As to be expected, each person had very different directions and agendas in mind for the coming months. Some were excited about a big city adventure, or flying to another country, while others desired the solitude of a book on a nearby beach.

A few weren’t sure just which path they wanted to travel yet, but got some good ideas from the conversation.

Regardless of the location or activity we choose, we all share the common need for taking a break from our everyday routines. I don’t think there is a wrong way to spend our time off except for becoming overwhelmed with the details.

Ideally, living in vacation mode all year long, with regularly scheduled sources of enjoyment, would be a worthwhile adventure as well.

What places uplift your spirits the most?


4 thoughts on “Delight In Whatever Path You Choose

  1. Dear Cathie,
    Thank you for this inspiring blog post. The all year long vacation mode adventure is definitely a path worth meandering. 🙂
    The most uplifting spaces for me are places in nature – preferably with lots of green, water and, as the daughter of a sailor living in a flat landscape I do like an open view and salty air to breathe. So, obviously the sea is always worth a visit for me (outside the tourist season) but I also love the earthy shade of a forest or the lively song of a babbling mountain creek.
    And, of course, my balcony always lifts me up – which brings me back to the all year long vacation mode adveture.
    Much love and a happy vacation time,

    • I like all the places in nature you mentioned Steffi! I particularly am a beach girl but love green lawns, flowers everywhere and other cozy environments! All year long vacation is a wonderful goal and glad you are reaching it! Blessings, Cathie

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