Create a Peaceful Space

home sweet home

When we bought our first home several years ago, we spent many hours buying furniture and decorating each room. When we were finished, it felt really good to walk throughout the house, and see how our many choices came together so well.

Even though the house looked the same from the outside, the inside looked very different from the homeowners before us.

It got me thinking about all the joyful effort that goes into creating a wonderful living space, that perfectly reflects what is important to the people residing there.

We all have different preferences, tastes and styles that inspire us toward our particular selections.

Just as we give attention to our homes, its important to give attention to whats going on internally as well.

Below are 10 different ways to create a more peaceful internal living space:


 What would you add to the list?



13 thoughts on “Create a Peaceful Space

  1. Maybe something like: “Trust the benevolence of the universe.” – But that goes hand in glove with “Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.”, doesn’t it…?

    Thank you for those beautiful reminders, dear Cathie! I also enjoyed very much your description of decorating and enjoying the space of your, at that time, new home. 🙂

    Much love,

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