Believe in the Positive

postive thoughts in ocean

I’m sure we’ve all had our turn at disbelieving the power of positive thinking, and finding negative thinking to be more realistic.

In actuality, negative thinking is the lie that tells us that we aren’t smart enough or deserving in some way and to keep quiet during troubling times. These thoughts of perceived personal inadequacies, all stem from years of conditioning, and repetition.

Even worrying can become a fear based thought habit that can seem to help prevent bad things from happening, but actually just creates more anxiety, and takes away our peace of mind.

Usually, what we worry about doesn’t happen, so it’s just our mind telling us all kinds of fearful or self-defeating messages.

It’s unlikely we’ll be able to permanently prevent every negative thought or self-criticism from coming into our mind but when such thoughts do arrive, we can bring awareness to them.

We can remind ourselves that it’s just an old lie we’ve bought into, and we don’t have to believe everything we think.

In order to keep our mind calm, and trained to see the brighter side of life, there are many processes we can install to receive positive mental replenishment.

We’ve probably heard of many of these already such as meditation, reading positive literature, saying affirmations or reciting a regular mantra to reprogram our brain.

I would also add that surrounding ourselves with things that are aesthetically pleasing in our homes or enjoying outside activities such as sitting by the ocean, hiking a mountain, swimming in a pool or planting in the garden are just as mentally replenishing as well.

Additionally, keeping in contact with our family, friends and other supportive people who we feel wonderful spending time with can keep us upbeat and refueled too.

In spite of doing these optimistic practices, having a positive mindset will not save us from ever receiving bad news, or feeling sad.

However, having an optimistic mentality does provide us with more energy to engage in activities that bring us joy, and provides more opportunities to feel good a vast majority of the time.

It also strengthens our ability to ask for help when we need it, and helps prevent some of the pains associated with stressful thinking such as depression and hopelessness.

So, we get to choose on a daily basis to either listen to our unhelpful programmed beliefs, or defer to a more enlightened part of ourselves.

positive thoughts child in water

What helps you stay positive?

26 thoughts on “Believe in the Positive

    • So inspiring to read that you have less self-doubt these days, and as a result, are turning your life and attitude around from a very low place. Not always an easy process but very courageous to have not given up. Thanks so much for sharing.

  1. I enjoyed reading this and I loved the picture. I try to avoid thoughts that will make me sad. For example I might think ” I feel afraid” and my answer is “that is understandable”. However if I start feeling sorry for myself, that just leads to sadness. I call it “avoiding the “pity kitty” and embracing the” Happy Cat” My inner Happy Cat looks on the bright side and tries to avoid self pity. Your posts are reminders and helpful programming. ❤

    • Love your great comments, and appreciate all your kind compliments! “That is understandable” is such a loving, gentle way to speak to oneself in fearful times but also to avoid the “pity kitty” and embrace the “happy cat.” Terrific! 🙂 You always offer such wonderful words of wisdom, and I appreciate your participation here so much. Thank you!

  2. Dear Cathie,
    Thank you for this wonderful blog post that rings with so much truth for me. So many helpful tips and valuable reminders which all have proven to be of support for me at many times!
    As you know, I just experienced a pretty dark time. A lot of worries came up. Some came true and others did not. What I noticed is that worrying about something inevitable does not help. It just takes away the peace that I could breathe in during the time it has not happened, yet. On the other hand, worrying about things that might happen or not only seems to pull those things that we wish to avoid closer and makes it more likely that they actually happen.
    Or, like my husband likes to say: “All that worry creates is worry.”
    That is not to say that I experience it as helpful to ignore worries when they come up. In fact, they only seem to get bigger, this way. What really helps me is to remember that there is help available. When worry comes up, I notice it. I call on my spiritual helpers and tell them:
    “I notice this worry. I know that you benevolently guide me to my highest good and that really all is well. I choose to trust you. And I need your help with this. Please help me.”
    Most recently it often does not even take five minutes until I then get an insight that helps me or until I just notice that the worry is suddenly gone.
    Another very helpful approach for me is also to stay in the Now. I literally do not know what awaits around the bend on the path which currently shows up right in front of me (only that it is going to be wonderful, as Universe keeps telling me). What I know and experience for sure is that right now, in this very moment, all is well. What if this feeling leads to even more “wellness” if we let it guide us?! 😉
    Much love,

    • Dear Steffi, Thank you so much for openness and honesty in sharing your experiences. They help me and so many others so much. The way you process worry sounds so healing, as you are not beating yourself up but lovingly acknowledging a concern, and taking spiritual steps to find comfort. Love the wordage in this beautifully stated request to your helpers, “I notice this worry. I know that you benevolently guide me to my highest good and that really all is well. I choose to trust you. And I need your help with this. Please help me.” I will definitely use this in my requests as well. Thanks so much. Love, Cathie

      • Oh, I did beat my self up… big time. Just that it was so unhelpful! 😉 So, eventually I surrendered and asked for help. Actually, it was you who once wrote about asking for help in prayer in one of your earlier posts. I remebered that. It encouraged me to trust.

        It makes me very happy to see that I now can give something back to you in sharing my experience as an answer to this blog post. You are very welcome and thank you, as well!

        Much love,

      • Yes, it does seem like the process to peace comes with a little beat up along the way, until we surrender like you mentioned. I’m so happy to read that you were helped through a post here about asking for help in prayer. You have always given back through your wonderful support and comments too. Nice to share such positive exchanges. Blessings, Cathie

  3. Mr Midnight and Sir Winston, although themselves not perfect, say that humans should observe cats more often. If left to their own devices, cats are always satisfied and just enjoy life. That´s probably the reason why cats enjoy life – they stick to their own devices! We humans are often guided by anothers experiences. Living negative lifestyles is sadly, something the majority of us are taught to experience and therefore, simply “stepping out” of this lifelong “habit” is not an easy task. Our (negative, bad) habits have become a kind of tradition for our soul.However, if one is prepared to change ones life, habits can always be broken. All the best from the three of us over at the blog “Gilmours Nice Place” and thank you very much for posting. 🙂

  4. I love spending time with my (young) grandchildren – your quote is absolutely right. They do not expect things to go wrong, so they go out and try new things every day. And they laugh a lot and enjoy themselves. Lots to learn from them.

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