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Cherish All Gifts

inner peace

We all like to give and receive gifts.

Sometimes, as the giver, we have to hunt high and low, to find that perfect item for the special person, and occasion we are celebrating.

Often though, the best gifts are the ones we don’t buy but the ones we personally create.

For example, years ago, I had heard about a mother named Charlene Costanzo who had written down 12 loving messages for her two daughters as a personal gift of life lessons, and to describe the gifts we are born with.

Later, she would turn it into a book called The Twelve Gifts of Birth, so that others could enjoy them as well.

Below are the twelve gifts she wrote about, which we are all blessed with at birth, and can enjoy for a lifetime.

12 gifts

What is the best gift you’ve received?

Win a Gift Card

bath and body works

Thanks so much for being a follower of this blog for many years, and welcome to those who are new to it, as well.

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Good luck and thanks!



Pay Attention to Messages

New book

I awoke about a month ago, with a great title for a book on my mind! I hadn’t even been thinking about writing a book, so it was surprising to awaken with a clear set of words strung together, which formed the wonderful title.

From many past experiences, these unexpected, out of the blue happenings are messages that I have learned to pay attention to.

In the case of my first book, The Right Relationship Start with You, I was guided to write it first, and the title came at the end.

I haven’t been able to get this new title out of my mind, and have subsequently begun writing the book that perfectly corresponds to the title I was provided.

The words just flashed across the inside of my eyelids, before opening my eyes that particular morning, and keep flashing today, as a reminder to keep writing the content that goes with it.

It doesn’t even seem like I’m the one doing the writing, as I feel like the secretarial recorder of the information coming in, as if the words are being dictated to me by someone or something else.

I think too often, it is easy to take personal credit for the significant coincidences, or creative ideas we receive, and not give credit to the unexplained sources of inspiration or intuition that come through us, and not from us.

May sound mystical or certainly not rational, but we can probably all point to unexplained thoughts or ideas that seem to have popped out of nowhere, and provided us with wisdom not ordinarily our own, and inner strength beyond our human capabilities.

Wherever our inspiration comes from, it is a blessing when it arrives. Sometimes it is clear like the title to a book, (which I will reveal when it’s written), and other times more subtle like an intuitive sense to move in another direction.

Therefore, if we are aware and open to the messages that cross our path, we will experience adventures we never originally planned for, and look back with gratitude on the gifted unexplained nudges we received along the way.

What messages have you paid attention to, and how did they arrive?


Pamper Yourself

relax body  soul

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” – Oscar Wilde 

Many of us have a hard time pampering ourselves, as it can feel self-indulgent to do so. However, there are many healthy benefits to treating ourselves well, such as alleviating tension and stress, through regular massage or other relaxation methods.

Treating ourselves well doesn’t necessarily mean eating anything we want or indulging in expensive purchases. It can simply mean taking extra time for meditation with music and candles, or luxuriating in some scented pleasures.

For instance, many enjoy aromatherapy with the aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to soothe their senses, and enhance well-being.

For myself, I happen to love Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel which lathers up great, and smells very much like actual cinnamon buns which I haven’t eaten in years. However, for now, I’m content with enjoying my calorie free fragrant experience in their place! 🙂

Surrounding ourselves with beautiful flowers, and other visually pleasing sights, can lift our day, as well as, lounging around reading a great book, or watching a fun movie!

Even communicating on social media can be a relaxing treat too!

Just joined Instagram the other day, and find it fun so far!

What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?


Follow Proven Steps to Success

jack canfield 3

Many of us remember the scene in the comedy, When Harry Met Sally, where the onlooking customer in the restaurant says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” This of course, was in response to Sally enjoying an incredibly pleasurable lunch! 🙂

Similarly, many of us look to those who are successful, and wish we could experience the same level of gratification that they are feeling.

This is certainly attainable if we do what they’re doing. Many of the most successful people seem to share certain habits and strategies, which have guided them on their journey to achieving their dreams.

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is definitely an inspiring example of one who has mastered the strategies necessary to achieve his visions, and shares them in his wonderful book, The Success Principles.

This inspiring guide contains over 60 timeless principles that can be adapted to our own life, and increase our confidence along the way.

I particularly enjoyed the chapter on goal setting, as it really motivated me to make this a regular habit, and experience some fun in the process. Although some of us feel our goals need to be massive in scope, this is not necessarily the case.

Jack suggests that even the smallest of objectives make life rich and rewarding. The point is to set goals each day that feel good, and keep us looking forward to the day ahead.

This can include anything from thinking more positively, to larger endeavors such as career changes or traveling the world.

So, if you find yourself wanting what someone else is having, let it inspire you to start setting goals today!