Follow Proven Steps to Success

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Many of us remember the scene in the comedy, When Harry Met Sally, where the onlooking customer in the restaurant says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” This of course, was in response to Sally enjoying an incredibly pleasurable lunch! 🙂

Similarly, many of us look to those who are successful, and wish we could experience the same level of gratification that they are feeling.

This is certainly attainable if we do what they’re doing. Many of the most successful people seem to share certain habits and strategies, which have guided them on their journey to achieving their dreams.

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series, is definitely an inspiring example of one who has mastered the strategies necessary to achieve his visions, and shares them in his wonderful book, The Success Principles.

This inspiring guide contains over 60 timeless principles that can be adapted to our own life, and increase our confidence along the way.

I particularly enjoyed the chapter on goal setting, as it really motivated me to make this a regular habit, and experience some fun in the process. Although some of us feel our goals need to be massive in scope, this is not necessarily the case.

Jack suggests that even the smallest of objectives make life rich and rewarding. The point is to set goals each day that feel good, and keep us looking forward to the day ahead.

This can include anything from thinking more positively, to larger endeavors such as career changes or traveling the world.

So, if you find yourself wanting what someone else is having, let it inspire you to start setting goals today!

9 thoughts on “Follow Proven Steps to Success

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  2. Dear Cathy,
    thank you for this encouraging blog post!
    Jack Canfield’s point “Believe you deserve it” seems to be one that often gets overlooked as many of us learn already as children to best keep silent and unseen. Not a very deserving place for anybody and a programme that is well worth changing, in my opinion. … Okay, I’m off to do so, then! 😉
    Epic scene, that one from When Harry Met Sally! – They just showed the whole movie on German TV a short while ago and it is still so enjoyable to watch.
    Much love,

    • Great comments Steffi! So true, how common the belief is, that we are not deserving in some way, but what a great goal to change that limiting programming. Yes, so many funny scenes in the movie, When Harry Met Sally! How fun that it never loses its appeal these many years later! Blessings, Cathie

  3. Very inspiring, Cathie. I set small goals during the day but the hardest one is to just sit down and write – which is interesting because this would seem like the easiest 😉 But once I get started with writing I can’t stop LOL. Oh dear, one day I’ll balance things out 😀

    • Thanks Dianne! I can really relate to your comments! Guess another goal could be to not expect perfection from ourselves, and applaud that we take action in spite of any resistance! 🙂

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