Pay Attention to Messages

New book

I awoke about a month ago, with a great title for a book on my mind! I hadn’t even been thinking about writing a book, so it was surprising to awaken with a clear set of words strung together, which formed the wonderful title.

From many past experiences, these unexpected, out of the blue happenings are messages that I have learned to pay attention to.

In the case of my first book, The Right Relationship Start with You, I was guided to write it first, and the title came at the end.

I haven’t been able to get this new title out of my mind, and have subsequently begun writing the book that perfectly corresponds to the title I was provided.

The words just flashed across the inside of my eyelids, before opening my eyes that particular morning, and keep flashing today, as a reminder to keep writing the content that goes with it.

It doesn’t even seem like I’m the one doing the writing, as I feel like the secretarial recorder of the information coming in, as if the words are being dictated to me by someone or something else.

I think too often, it is easy to take personal credit for the significant coincidences, or creative ideas we receive, and not give credit to the unexplained sources of inspiration or intuition that come through us, and not from us.

May sound mystical or certainly not rational, but we can probably all point to unexplained thoughts or ideas that seem to have popped out of nowhere, and provided us with wisdom not ordinarily our own, and inner strength beyond our human capabilities.

Wherever our inspiration comes from, it is a blessing when it arrives. Sometimes it is clear like the title to a book, (which I will reveal when it’s written), and other times more subtle like an intuitive sense to move in another direction.

Therefore, if we are aware and open to the messages that cross our path, we will experience adventures we never originally planned for, and look back with gratitude on the gifted unexplained nudges we received along the way.

What messages have you paid attention to, and how did they arrive?


8 thoughts on “Pay Attention to Messages

  1. Very True. Even I had same kind of experience with the title and writing of my book “You Deserve to Conquer the World”. Cosmic Power (God) is always guiding us, it is unto us to understand these messages and work on them.

    • Excellent! Great comments, thanks for sharing them. What an extremely powerful title to receive! Yes, understanding, and implementing the messages we receive is up to us, while letting go of the outcome. 🙂

  2. Dear Cathie,
    thank you for sharing your insights and experience regarding this kind of guidance.
    In fact, it is JUST what I needed to hear (or in this case: read) which makes this post of yours one of those hints for me, that you are mentioning, above.
    Standing at a point where I do not know anything about tomorrow except for that I am allowed to fully trust my inner guidance and that I am stepping more and more into a beautiful experience, those hints and messages are gold for me as they support me in staying calm and keeping the faith. They arrive in various ways: for example, via blog posts I find, numbers I see, thoughts or vision-like ideas as you have decribed regarding your book title… sometimes even as physical symptoms. And I am grateful for each and every one of them.
    The process of writing your new book sounds intriguing! I am wishing you joy along the path and am looking forward to learn more about the content when the time arrives. ❤
    Much love,

    • Hi Steffi! So many great thoughts you have shared here today! Trusting your inner guidance is a huge deal, and believing everything is working out for our highest good helps me a lot too! You explained the subtle ways we are guided very well, with blog posts that show up, physical sensations in the body and the like. They are everywhere, and can be fun to uncover what the message can be! I am in the very earliest of stages with the book but in no hurry either! Just enjoying the process. Blessings, Cathie

  3. I have received many story ideas in “flashes” out of “the clear blue sky.” When they come to me unbidden in that way, I always know I’m on the right track. On the other hand, stories that I work at or contrive never seem to touch the heart in a meaningful way.

    • Love what you wrote about your experiences with story writing. So great when ideas just come out of ‘nowhere’ and end up being far better, and more authentic, than the ones we ‘work’ at or force to make happen. Thanks for your meaningful comments.

  4. I had a hard life but dreamed of better. One day at the ripe old age of 16, I was walking around, putting my name down to work at various companies, although in my heart I wanted to go to school and train to be a nurse. I knocked on the door of a child care center and asked if they had any work needed. The “Matron” said they did not hire unskilled staff, but there had just been “an incident” and the Mother Craft nurse in charge of babies had left. Everyone was temporarily stepping up, and if I didn’t mind a bit of “cleaning, fetching and carrying” I could start immediately but there would only be 3 days work”. 18 months later, after being promoted to Kindergarten Teacher’s assistant, I began a University course and an illustrious career as an RN. It seemed for the next 30 years, every door I knocked on was just flung open and although I obviously will not forget the first 16 years, I always believed there was much more for me than the awful people in my life were telling me there was. The universe sided with me. Hard work, luck, and lots of prayer, helped.
    I do believe in these signs. Now I have my small craft business and again the universe seems to be flinging doors open for me. Writing is something I am trying my hand at now. As Rohald Dahl pointed out in Matilda, life can be fun. 😀

    • Thank you so much for sharing your amazing journey to the place you are today! Very inspirational! Just shows that the universe has our back, and that any challenging early experiences we’ve had, does not have the power to keep our good from coming to us! Love how you knocked on doors, and took all kinds of positive actions,including prayer, which led to wonderful outcomes. Terrific on the new adventure of writing too! 🙂

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