Say Yes!

say yes 2

It’s funny how the smallest of decisions can have an enormous effect on our day, and life. For instance, I attended a function on Saturday, where I didn’t know any of the other attendees.

When the event concluded, I intended to head to my car and return directly home. However, instead, I decided to hang around for a bit afterwards, which led to a great discussion with a few other attendees who were planning to head home as well.

Our great connection, led to a really enjoyable impromptu lunch, and plans to get together again soon! We were all pleased with how we took the action and said yes, to getting out of our comfort zones, and going with the flow.

On my way home and feeling great from this encounter, I heard on the radio that our local professional football team was doing their summer training at a facility not far from our house.

So, spontaneously, my husband and I decided to go the stadium and watch their practice, which was not in our original chore listed plans for the day. However, we said yes to the moment and just followed the flow of the day.

We met a great couple in the seats next to us, and more great connections for the day resulted, including meeting this little cutie below in the seats in front of us. She is a great cheerleader!

Little cheerleader

Too often, it is easier to stick with a set plan, and not be open to new opportunities. By taking just a few unexpected actions that day, I met new friends from my event, and my husband and I had a fun experience at the football practice.

Carrying the spirit of saying yes to new experiences, and allowing some spontaneity into our life in large and small ways, creates a positive emotional state change which we often try to get just by thinking good thoughts.

Thinking our way to good feelings is very valuable, but also doing fun and different things gives us a natural high, and gets us out of our heads! A vacation from thinking and just doing is a real treat too!

Fear is usually the culprit which keeps us from initiating conversations with others, or attending certain events. A book I read many years ago called, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Dr. Susan Jeffers, really addresses this issue in depth.

It’s a great reminder that it is natural and normal to experience feelings of fear, but to not let them stop us from saying yes because of them.

What a freedom!

Do you consider yourself a spontaneous person?


10 thoughts on “Say Yes!

  1. Thank you, dear Cathie, for this beautiful “Yes!”-post!
    I believe, this topic currently is spot on for many and I am no exception. 🙂

    Those spontaneous experiences are so inspiring and uplifting, are they not?! It makes me happy to see how they made you happy!

    “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” – I love this and it seems to be pretty much what I have been doing for the past weeks.

    Personally, I love routines as long as they change and grow with me. Hence, they never look the same for long in my life. Some people probably would call that spontaneity. Others perhaps believe that I should stick to my routines more and that this would make me more productive and successful in some way. I noticed that when ever I try to hold back on such spontaneous events in order to stick to some kind of routine, it blocks my productivity as I miss out on important inspiration and connection. And when I trust the flow of life everything seems to fall into place for me, magically.
    This seems to be kind of counter-intuitive to what I have been taught. Time to get over it! 😉

    Thank you for your inspiration, Cathie!
    Much love,

    • Hello Steffi! Such insightful comments you presented. Love the idea that our routines keep evolving as we evolve, and that rigidity or holding back on exploring new opportunities can block our productivity! Being flexible, and having an open-mind keeps us growing without growing stale. 🙂 Thanks my friend. Blessings, Cathie

  2. I agree with all of this, and sometimes if you do something not planned it comes out fantastic and one thing follows the other. I love sometimes to be spontaneous and just say yes. Being surprised and see some unknown ground is good.

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