Give Yourself Permission


Cheryl Richardson and Christiane Northrup are authors I really connect with on all matters relating to self-care. That being said, below are some wonderful permission slips offered on Dr. Northrup’s blog for taking better care of ourselves.


  1. Rest when you need to. If you are tired, give yourself permission to sleep. The dishes, the laundry, and the work you didn’t finish today will still be waiting for you tomorrow.
  1. Feel joy every day. Paint, sing, dance, play music, and have sex if you so desire.
  1. Let go of toxic relationships. Toxic people drain you. Work on creating relationships with people who support you as you are.
  1. Love your body. Stop comparing yourself to the air brushed models in the media. Dress the way you want. Do your hair the way you like it.  If this is difficult, do mirror work and tell your body how much you love it.
  1. Trust your intuition. Step out of your comfort zone and go for whatever feels right – maybe it is a new career path, a new health or fitness program, or simply speaking up when you feel the need.
  1. Simplify your life. Focus on what truly matters to you. Don’t let yourself get derailed by drama.
  1. Forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a process. Find time every day to practice forgiveness.
  1. Say “yes.” Saying “yes” to yourself is empowering. Say “yes” to whatever you want in your life, and say “no” to whatever you don’t want.
  1. Feel the guilt. Realize that the guilt you are feeling is probably just cultural programming. Thank it for sharing and release it.
  1. Be yourself. Accept yourself exactly as you are. You don’t have to fit any cultural mold.

Which one speaks loudest to you today?


10 thoughts on “Give Yourself Permission

    • Yes, that is a tough one for many of us! Self-acceptance is never found in judging ourselves but it is a common unfortunate habit! Declaring, “I will not criticize myself today” and focusing on what we like about ourselves, can help shift our energy! 🙂

  1. That was a great post. Cultural ,programming is a life long deprogramming for me. So glad I know that. I can now say “meh” to guilt trippers. ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you, and glad you enjoyed it! Yes, good to know about programming, and that we don’t have to listen to old tapes! When negative thoughts pop up, I like to say, “oh good, I caught it” instead of “there I go again!” Makes a big difference! 🙂

    • Hi Steffi! Yes, number 3 really stood out for me as well. It can be subtle sometimes whom is toxic, especially if a friendship was fulfilling at one time but changed into something less appealing or healthy. Guess relationships either grow together or grow apart but it’s good to have the awareness when it’s time to make a change. As you said, all the points are equally important and glad you found them helpful. Love, Cathie

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