Embrace the Truth


In recent weeks, I’ve come across several different websites that were talking about author Glennon Doyle Melton, who wrote the newest Oprah Book Club selection, Love Warrior.

In learning more about her, I found her to be refreshingly honest and wise, as demonstrated in her interview on Super Soul Sunday. In the snippet from the show, she discusses the “I’m fine” response.

We may indeed be fine today, but we might also be scared or hurt or confused on other days. I’m sure many of us can relate to feeling one way on the inside, and ‘acting’ quite differently on the outside by saying all the right things.

There does seem to be a common indoctrination to truth telling, that rewards all our positive feelings and gives less approval to the painful ones.

However, embracing the truth about our internal world, and sharing it with those we trust, is a healthy step to growth and transformation.

Are you able to accept your true feelings, or do you judge yourself for being less than fine?



4 thoughts on “Embrace the Truth

  1. Thank you for this beautiful food for thought, dear Cathie!
    I am learning more and more to not feel bad about the more uncomfortable moments in my life but to accept what is in each moment instead. It makes life so much easier. On the other hand the voices of “common indoctrination” and old programmes can become annoyingly loud, sometimes.
    Inspite of all that I never was somebody for “small talk” like the above mentioned “I’m fine”-response suggests. I know that this annoys some people. I still prefer to rather spend my time enjoying what I find in the genuine conversations that grow from sharing authenticity with those people who can accept my wiring. For me, this makes my life so much richer. 🙂
    Much love,

    • Great seeing you here Steffi! Always love your insightful comments! I too, am not one for small talk or “cocktail talk” as they say. Deeper topic conversations have always been most enjoyable for me as well, with those who also “accept my wiring” (love that)! Thanks so much for sharing authentically. Blessings my friend, Cathie

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