Don’t Reject Yourself


In reading an inspirational book the other day, I came across the following positive passage, and thought I would share it with you below. This struck me as a wonderful mantra to read on a daily basis to lift us up, and combat the sneaky internal critic that visits us on a regular basis.

I will no longer deal in self-contempt. I will turn down negative inner dialogue that constantly makes negative comparisons between myself and others. Shame is no longer a part of my identity. Thoughts of my being defective or not quite good enough are being released from my consciousness at this moment. I am a lovable and capable person, and I will not reject myself.

― Rokelle Lerner

It can be tempting to doubt our lovability or value when someone says an unkind remark, or acts in a negative way toward us. Certain words or behaviors can really sting, and hurt our feelings, along with the practice of comparing ourselves to others. We certainly don’t want to add to the situation by being unkind toward ourselves too!

Therefore, it’s always a good reminder to be our own best friend, and not abandon or reject ourselves with self-criticism, no matter what is going on within or around us!

What helps you to combat the internal critic?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Reject Yourself

  1. Dear Cathie,

    Somehow this article slipped my attention up to now… I am so glad that I finally found it as I experience it as very inspiring!
    “…to be our own best friend…” – I love this! Also, what an awesomely empowering affirmation! Thank you for sharing it. ❤

    Personally I noticed that it does not help me at all to fight my inner critic as this only seems to pour oil on the fire. Instead I do my best to encounter her in a loving way. I thank her for making me aware of a certain topic and for wanting to protect me from harm, as this usually seems to be the underlying reason for her to show up. And then I invite her to try a new path with me, one that can do without putting myself down. It seems to work for me and her as she has become much more peaceful over the years. 😉

    Much love,

    • Dear Steffi! Love your wonderful comments as always! So true, that it doesn’t help to criticize or battle with our inner critic, and only creates more self-criticism! Your thoughts of befriending the critic with love and thankfulness for trying to protect you is really great! Additionally, you paint a lovely picture of how we can try a more nurturing path that is less harsh, and more constructive! Love the peaceful results too! Many blessings my friend.
      Thank you! Cathie

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