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Share Your Favorite Things


Every holiday season, Oprah shares her favorite things list which contains many items that are fun, useful and make great gifts.

One of the clever items mentioned is a Poinsettia Flower Pot Cake which is adorable and looks pretty tasty too!

Another treat that looks very yummy is the English Muffins and Preserves Set, along with so many other delicious gifts!

Happily, these and all the items on the list can be won by clicking this link and entering a daily code as directed.

Sharing kindness, information, ideas, and resources is a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays and the rest of the year as well.

I know I’ve always appreciated when others have mentioned a book they loved, or offered other positive sources of information and support, that have provided an added benefit to my life.

What would you put on your favorite things list?

Visit Local Events


We all know each other through the written word on our blogs which is great! However, it would be even better to meet with you in person too!

Therefore, if you will be in or around the Scottsdale Arizona area on January 21, 2017, please be sure to stop by the Civic Center Library book signing event to meet and greet myself and other local authors!

Additionally, there are many other local events these days with something for everyone. This time of year and into the Spring is the best in Arizona!

For instance, this weekend is the Fountain Hills Festival of Arts and Crafts event with hundreds of creative vendors selling their unique items!

Just in time for the holidays!

Should be a great time!

What events do you enjoy in your area?

Look Beyond Conditioning


Our preconceptions can dramatically alter the way we perceive the world. Each of us filters the world through our own beliefs, biases, interpretations and attitudes making objectivity a challenge.

This idea is underscored in a thought provoking film which came out years ago entitled What the Bleep Do We Know!? starring actress Marlee Matlin.

The information contained within the documentary, provides some interesting discussion about how we’re conditioned to see ourselves in a certain way, and believe the world is as we see it.

However, the movie offers the idea that perhaps there are many different ways to view our life, and that there are many possibilities available to us, that our conditioning keeps us from considering or exploring.

The strong influence from familial training or our interpretations of those experiences will affect the choices we make and the way we feel.

Therefore, it is beneficial to become more open-minded and look beyond our own conditioning for other information that may positively influence our life in meaningful ways.

For instance, many of us can relate to finding ourselves in repeatedly unsatisfying relationships, or jobs from making the same choices over and over again, that haven’t always served our highest good until we noticed a pattern.

I know when I was young; I tended to choose the same type of dating partner over and over again, based on ineffective beliefs about myself, and the mistaken idea about being able to change another person, without their desire to do so.

Fortunately, once I became aware of this unhelpful belief system and negative personal filter, I was able to open my mind, and learn better ways to become more discerning which led to the highly elevated choice in my husband.

So, whether this particular film is to your liking or not, it is always advantageous to stay teachable, and open to learning beyond our own vantage point.

What new information on your journey helped turn your life around?