Visit Local Events


We all know each other through the written word on our blogs which is great! However, it would be even better to meet with you in person too!

Therefore, if you will be in or around the Scottsdale Arizona area on January 21, 2017, please be sure to stop by the Civic Center Library book signing event to meet and greet myself and other local authors!

Additionally, there are many other local events these days with something for everyone. This time of year and into the Spring is the best in Arizona!

For instance, this weekend is the Fountain Hills Festival of Arts and Crafts event with hundreds of creative vendors selling their unique items!

Just in time for the holidays!

Should be a great time!

What events do you enjoy in your area?

4 thoughts on “Visit Local Events

  1. There are always events going on where I am, one just has to look and find them. I was on Saturday at a church sale, selling my handmade earrings and cards. It was great fun like always on a community event. Next week I am going to a local Brush lettering workshop – looking forward to do that. Maybe it helps me doing more beautiful Christmas cards!

  2. Wow, that sounds great, dear Cathie!
    It looks like I will not physically be in Arizona around that time, but I surely will be thinking of you.

    In Germany the time for the Christmas marteks is starting, again. The season for the markets should open, in the coming week. For many, this is a good opportunity to meet, get inspired and have a chat over a hot cup of mulled wine.
    Personally I always liked to visit the Christmas markets of the Scandinavian Sailor’s Churches, here in Hamburg. The molte marmelade and a special kind of very thin smøre brød available at the Norwegian church have been a tradition since my childhood and the artwork found at the Finnish church has always been very inspiring for me. This year I probably missed them, though, as they start fairly early in the year and only take place on one or two weekends.

    Much love,

    • Many thanks Steffi! The markets sound really fun, delicious and cozy too! 🙂 Hopefully, you are still able to attend them this year. Long standing traditions are very important, and even starting new ones can be great as well! It’s nice to know there are activities for everyone! Blessings, Cathie

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