Share Your Favorite Things


Every holiday season, Oprah shares her favorite things list which contains many items that are fun, useful and make great gifts.

One of the clever items mentioned is a Poinsettia Flower Pot Cake which is adorable and looks pretty tasty too!

Another treat that looks very yummy is the English Muffins and Preserves Set, along with so many other delicious gifts!

Happily, these and all the items on the list can be won by clicking this link and entering a daily code as directed.

Sharing kindness, information, ideas, and resources is a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays and the rest of the year as well.

I know I’ve always appreciated when others have mentioned a book they loved, or offered other positive sources of information and support, that have provided an added benefit to my life.

What would you put on your favorite things list?

4 thoughts on “Share Your Favorite Things

  1. So many awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing them, Cathie!

    Some of my favourite things are foods that I have preserved over the year and then enjoy with my loved ones on special holidays. Some of those make great gifts, too!
    Amongst them are spiced peaches, plums and apricots, pickled watermelon rinds, dried peels from various citrus fruits which are great for baking, dried herbs from the balcony as well as from the wild and last Autumn we even made our own kraut in a jar.

    Much love,

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