Spread Good Cheer


In the spirit of gift giving time, the lyrics below by Karen Drucker & Karen Taylor-Good seemed appropriate.

A daily dose of positive declarations, not only benefits us with good feelings, but spreads contagious good cheer to all we come in contact with.

Good reminder to affirm that our presence is a present to ourselves and others!

What optimistic mantra helps you feel good?


I am a gift, no matter what age,

no matter how I look,

there’s beauty in each stage.

I am a gift, and I promise every day,

when I look in the mirror I’ll say, “I am a gift.

I am a gift; I’ve loved really well,

and every year I’ve lived has a different tale to tell.

I’ve made mistakes, have some regrets.

But I promise I’ll never forget I am a gift.

There may be times when I forget the truth about me.

When it seems time and youth are just marching on without me.

That’s when I might need you to find me,

and ever so gently remind me that

I am a gift, a precious child.

I’m put here on this earth but only for a while.

So I make this vow and I say it with love,

“I am perfect and whole and enough, and I am a gift.” 

2 thoughts on “Spread Good Cheer

  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful lyrics, dear Cathie!
    This song has been new to me and I like the ones that I know from Karen Drucker a lot, too.
    So true that our presence is a present!
    It reminds me of the end of a prayer which I once found in German language on the website of Robert Betz. The line goes like this:
    “Und diese Erde ist gesegnet. Und ich bin ein Segen für alles, was mir begegnet.”
    My translation:
    “And this Earth is blessed. And I am a blessing for everything I encounter.”
    I find this to be a good reminder for that there actually is a place for me (and for each and every one of us) in this world and that we are welcome and lovingly wanted, here.
    Much love,

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