Get Cozy


Pretty much the first thing that comes to mind for feeling cozy in the holiday season (beyond the warmth of family and friends) is a good pair of pajamas.

Many of us can remember receiving a new pair of jammies each Christmas and lounging around in them most of the day unwrapping and enjoying our new presents. Or, having a pajama party!


It doesn’t have to be a holiday to create a cozy life inside and out.

What warms your heart?

8 thoughts on “Get Cozy

  1. Dear Cathie,
    Thank you for this beautiful post reminding us of the power of coziness.
    In fact, I love spending a day in my PJ’s, having a late breakfast with candle light or maybe a good movie, and later having some Friesian or Irish tea with candle light while playing Yazzee or reading a nice book together with my husband.
    Much love and a cozy holiday season ♥,

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