Create Your Private Oasis


I was at a party the other day at a home I hadn’t been to before, and was very impressed by one of the rooms within it.

Beyond just being beautifully designed with high ceilings, wonderful color schemes and gorgeous windows overlooking a lovely landscaped backyard, the room had such cozy warmth about it.

It turns out that the hostess is an artist, who created the charming environment for inspiring her various masterpieces.

There were so many personal touches added to the arrangement of her artistic supplies and other tools necessary for her particular needs. The whole space had an aura beyond an ordinary home office or studio.

It got me thinking about the importance of having our own space or private oasis that is uniquely suited to our individual tastes and motivations.

Whether it’s a writing room or painting studio or anything in between, it is wonderful to have an environment that embraces our originality, and the feelings of peace such a space can provide.

What is your favorite private oasis?


2 thoughts on “Create Your Private Oasis

  1. Dear Cathie,
    Thank you for sharing this beautifuly inspiring experience!
    This reminds me of Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way in which she describes the importance of having an individual inspirational space, as well. I was always fascinated by this idea.
    Our home does currently not provide enough physical space to create a whole artist room for myself, but I love my little secretary-desk as well as my couch. I have a corner behind my side of the couch with lots of inspirational magazines and some note books and I also placed some personal items on my little desk to inspire me. Aditionally, it is near a window so that I can see the plants on our balcony as well as the birds visiting.
    I further have a little box with personal items that inspire me. It contains memory snipets – amongst other things I find childhood memories, pieces of special materials and colours that I like and photos of loved ones and special moments in it. This way I can carry my private inspirational space anywhere I want.
    Admittedly, desk and couch corner rarely look neat and tidy, but they do spark my creativity and warm my heart just like my memory box. 😉
    Much love,

    • Thanks so much Steffi, for all your wonderful comments! The book you mentioned sounds great, and the fact that our space doesn’t have to be big to have an impact! Your personal oasis sounds fantastic and really cozy! Your description provides a clear sense of the lovely area you enjoy! The inspiration you receive in your corner of the world is priceless. Thanks for sharing your delightful space with me and others who definitely benefit from your wonderful ideas! Blessings, Cathie

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