Develop a Great Attitude


We get to decide on a daily basis whether to view the events of our life as negative or positive. No doubt, it can be challenging to focus on the good that is happening, when undesirable things may be happening too.

Changing our attitude isn’t about being phony and artificially upbeat; it’s about feeling different on the inside which is all we have control over anyway. We definitely can’t always control outside circumstances, or make people do what we want.

However, we can make choices that lead to a more positive mind-set and outcome.

For instance, a friend of mine went through a location change in her place of employment that put her home much of each day. She went from working at the office to working from her primary residence.

The first week in this new arrangement left her feeling lost and depressed as she tried to adjust to her new situation. She noticed her attitude start to deteriorate.

The second week she decided to get up early and go to the gym each morning, and her attitude drastically changed.

She started to feel optimistic about being at home and the freedom and opportunities it afforded her, and most important, she started to feel good about herself as a result.

Her act of self-care turned a seemingly negative situation into a positive one, and the good feelings it engendered started to extend to others she came in contact with.

What helps you stay positive?

9 thoughts on “Develop a Great Attitude

  1. Attitude is everything! I stay positive by spending time with the people that I love and by taking care of myself. Great post 🙂

  2. Thank you for this beautifully written article, dear Cathie, which is a great reminder that we always have a choice, although it sometimes can take some effort to adjust our interaction with the world accordingly.
    Not quite a year ago, one of my neighbours went paranoid and began to obsess with me by accusing me of the most outrageous things as well as threatening my life. We live directly door to door and it seems that the authorities in charge can only step in when somethig really bad has happened as opposed to protecting me from harm.
    The only chance for me to stay sane in an ongoing situation like this is to shift my focus and therefore my attitude. It costs a lot of energy and I still notice that the constant threat has a negative impact on my health. Yet, slowly but surely I am learning to take my power back and to stay in charge of myself.
    This brings me to the answer to your question, above: it indeed helps me to concentrate more on me and less on the outside – like you mentioned in your post. Regular, grounding walks in nature, supportive talks with my loved ones as well as an intense exchange with the spiritual world in prayer and meditation are vital and really help me to re-gain and maintain a positive attitude. Also, creative expression and getting some sun light are excellent “medicine” for me.
    Much love,

    • Dear Steffi, So sorry to read about your neighbor situation, and how challenging that must be to say the least! Your attitude and the way you are taking care of yourself, in spite of the situation is amazing! It’s unfortunate, and puzzling that the authorities are unable to step in, and provide some kind of protection to you or consequence to the threatening party. All the ways you’ve listed for staying positive sound wonderful and very nurturing which I appreciate you sharing. Thoughts and prayers your way my friend! Blessings, Cathie

      • Thank you very much for your thoughts and prayers as well as your warm and empathic reply, dear Cathie! That means a lot to me!
        The matter with the authorities not stepping in is a well known one, unfortunately. I understand that it is complicated and I apprechiate that people cannot simply be locked away or thrown out of their home because of the mere accusations of another, and also that no one can be forced into medical treatment. After nearly a year of having to deal with this situation as the threatened person I do, however, get the impression that in Germany “perpetrators” get more protection than “victims”. But I disgress.
        One good thing is that this situation shows me (and maybe also others) once more that the stuff you and I write about actually works when put into practise. It encourages me to continue to walk my talk and it definitely invites me to “develop a great attitude”!
        Much love,

      • Hi Steffi! I loved the positive assessment of your situation, by indicating that what we write and talk about actually works! Unfortunately, your situation is a rough way to have to test it out, but it does seem that challenges forces us to practice what we learn. I am inspired by your great attitude, and no doubt everyone else is too! Thanks for being such a positive example, and sharing all the continuous wisdom you are gaining. Blessings my friend, Cathie

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