Follow a Good Prescription for Life

We just got back from vacation and followed many of the life prescription recommendations above. It’s always nice to get away from daily routines and reconnect with loved ones across the miles as well.

Spending time away can be a great way to get recharged.

Another way to get rejuvenated, whether at home or away is to follow the prescription laid out below. It may not be as exciting as an exotic vacation but certainly may inspire one!

  • Find a quiet and peaceful place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Close your eyes and take several deep breaths.
  • Breathe in good thoughts, soothing images, and peaceful outcomes.
  • Breathe out tension, stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Select a positive statement or series of statements such as, “I love my life,” “All is well,” or “Everything works out for my highest good.”
  • Introduce those affirmations while you visualize a ball of light entering the top of your head and traveling down to the tips of your toes, spreading a healing energy throughout your body.
  • Repeat this as many times as you need to clear away any unhelpful thoughts, or projections that cause an internal disturbance.

Candles and soft music are optional!

What helps you get revitalized?


10 thoughts on “Follow a Good Prescription for Life

  1. Dear Cathie,

    It sounds like you had a very rejuvinating vacation. How awesome!

    Thank you for sharing those inspiring prescriptions as well as the exercise, above.
    Exercises or meditations like this help me to rejuvinate, too.

    Also, I discovered healing sounds for this purpose, which I enjoy a lot. Correspondingly, listening to music I enjoy can be very rejuvinating, as well. And, last but not least, I like to take rejuvinating walks in my favourite parts of town (preferrably the ones with lots of nature).

    Much love,

    • Hi Steffi! It was an action packed vacation that involved a family wedding, but was wonderful to catch up with some family members. The laughter was rejuvenating for sure. We’ve had some days of rest since returning home and that has been a nice part of the vacation as well. Love your mention about walks in nature and the healing power of music too! Both are excellent sources for reconnecting with ourselves! Always appreciate your thoughtful input. Thank you. Blessings, Cathie

      • Wow, Cathie, that does sound like an action packed vacation. I am glad to read that it came with lots of rejuvenating laughter. – So true that coming home is an important part of having been “away”. I reminds me of the character Twoflower from Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” novels, who said something similar.
        Much Love,

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