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Never Stop Learning

 A fun movie clip for those who sometimes miss the simplicity of earlier ways of communicating!

Currently I am taking another class toward a Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling, which keeps me learning on a daily basis. The content and volume of work assignments definitely stretches my mind.

Then there is learning beyond the classroom, where all kinds of life lessons are going on as well. We all get handed learning opportunities in all kinds of ways throughout our life.

I always enjoy uncovering the emotional patterns and resultant choices that get in the way of experiencing joy, in order to move beyond them.

After all, how many of us stifle ourselves from making certain choices or pursuing certain desires by believing the discouraging comments from others, or believing our own limited thinking as well.

Unfortunately, we can unwittingly sabotage our self-esteem or enjoyment by comparing ourselves to others, and somehow come up short.

One place that is ripe for comparison is found on social media where others can appear to have it all. Often, it’s a good lesson to not believe everything we read or see online.

Seeing shouldn’t automatically lead to believing!

What has been your favorite life lesson?