Consider Your Legacy

As I learned about Louise Hays passing yesterday, I couldn’t help but think of the special legacy she has left.

For those of you familiar with her work, you know she spoke extensively about positive affirmations, mirror work and loving one’s self.

Her books and teaching have helped millions of people, along with the authors she gathered together in her Hay House publishing company.

Her life will be remembered as one who spread positivity and helpful teachings that encouraged people to treat themselves with love and respect.

Though I never met Louise, I’ve been inspired by the principles she taught and her ability to turn a rough childhood into such an inspiring adult life.

Even though she is no longer with us, her inspirational work will live on and hopefully prompt us all to create a lasting legacy of contribution as well.

Who inspires you and how would you like to be remembered?


8 thoughts on “Consider Your Legacy

  1. I saw that yesterday too and nearly put it in a post. She has inspired me to no end, she has helped me over a very hard time , to put me back up from under the carpet. Her book ( You can heal your life) is the best and I will never forget that. She was an amazing woman. I did a post way back when I started blogging for her.
    Sad she is gone but she will not be forgotten. She is in my heart with much gratitude.

    • What wonderful comments and tribute you gave Ute! Amazing how impactful someones book, ideas and perceptions can be, which it sounds like she was for you! Great post you wrote on her years earlier too! Agreed, she definitely will not be forgotten as her work will live on!

    • So good to read your comments Steffi! After hearing of her passing, it was mentioned that Wayne Dyer had passed away on the same day, two years earlier. Both inspirational people with uplifting messages. Blessings my friend, Cathie

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