Stay Teachable

As mentioned in a prior post, this is my first semester at the local university as a part-time teacher’s assistant and not surprisingly, grading papers is a much different experience than writing them in my master’s program as a student.

Being in the dual role of student and faculty provides a unique appreciation for both sides of the educational equation.

Professionally, I find the blend of academics and coaching to be an interesting mix, since both environments provide knowledge and information for helping others improve their lives.

On the one hand are very young adults beginning their college journeys and pursuing up-and-coming goals, while others further down life’s road are seeking to ignite, enhance or establish their desires as well.

No matter the situation, exploring or learning something new can be a very expansive experience.

Speaking of expansive, some friends were telling my husband and I about their trip to the Grand Canyon recently, and couldn’t even put into words the vastness and beauty of what they experienced there.

It certainly affirms that it’s one thing to read or see something in a textbook, but quite another to experience it in person.

What new ideas, vacations or activities have you tried recently or thought about exploring?



2 thoughts on “Stay Teachable

  1. Thank you for sharing some of the insights you gained in your first semester as a teacher’s assistant, dear Cathie! I loved reading about it. I am wishing you joyful and inspiring experiences!
    Personally I always felt that the best teachers were those who really listened to their students. I guess that was because they continued to learn from that and therfore kept improving their teaching. That has inspird me and I do my best to follow their example.
    To answer your question:
    As I currently find myself in a process of transformation, I feel like I am generally moving to a new place of being. Mainly I look less at how I was told things should look and move more towards what I actually experience as “right” and healthy for me. This brings a lot of new ideas insights, although it feels like I am coming home to myself at the same time.
    Happy teaching, happy learning and much Love,
    Steffi ❤

    • Hi Steffi! Always a pleasure to read your insightful and encouraging comments! Many thanks! Yes, though I’m still enjoying and continuing coaching clients, the added part-time teaching connection at the University has been interesting. Agreed, that the best teachers, are those that listen, and keep growing themselves. Love how you said you were coming home to yourself! So true, that getting rid of how things “should” be and embracing what is “right” for ourselves is very freeing. Love and blessings, Cathie

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