Be Kind and Rewind

The expression above is obviously a good rule of thumb to follow in all our important relationships and in all interactions with those around us as well. Though tempting to unload our every negative thought, we can choose to deliver our truths with grace and love.

As we know, constructive criticism can be helpful, but cruel words or blunt honesty can be damaging. We can all agree that there’s a world of difference between a negative remark and loving direction.

It is certainly reasonable in some situations to advise another against taking certain actions which may bring them harm, or provide personal boundaries in order to take care of ourselves, but it can be done in a way that isn’t demeaning or disrespectful.

This applies to gossip as well. Even though it does not involve criticizing someone directly to his or her face, it is still a very destructive energy and communication practice for all concerned.

If others do happen to criticize or provide friendly feedback to us, it can be helpful to look and see if there is any merit to what they are saying. If not, then it’s important to avoid taking it personally.

When tempted, how do you rewind the negative statement you are about to make and change it to something that is more constructive? How do you handle feedback?


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