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Start a Happiness Practice

As we approach a New Year, it can be fun to create ways to inspire a positive beginning and not necessarily by making resolutions.

Instead, one idea I heard about and love, is jotting down notes on little pieces of colorful paper about things that make us happy, and reading them at the end of the year!

We can include the recognition of an accomplished goal, fun memories, surprise gifts and other things we are grateful for while they are happening.

Each year is a clean slate so starting January 2018 with an empty jar and adding a note each day or week with a good thing that happened would forge a new focus on the great stuff that occurs.

We can also get creative with the type of jar or container we use too, and how we decide to decorate it, along with the paper we’d enjoy using.

Then, how fun to gather on New Year’s Eve and empty the jar and read about the wonderful year we just had, especially if we did this as a group activity with family and friends!

This happiness practice could certainly help to offset the upsets that garner our attention.

So, as we ring in the New Year, our first writing could be about the wonderful night of celebration we had with the changing of the year!

What positive New Year’s  ideas inspire you?

Let Your Creativity Flow


What if we just painted what inspired us, wrote what we felt, or composed a piece of music without worrying about the outcome?

We would feel much freer to let our creativity flow by releasing our inhibitions, experiencing more spontaneity, and having a lot more fun.

Many of us paint, write, dance or draw because it is our particular innate expression of who we are, and comes from deep inside us. We are just naturally drawn to certain creative outlets for expressing our individuality. There is an excitement in the process and experience of seeing our unique creations come to life.

However, when we’re too focused on receiving approval, then we lose sight of the simple pleasures in our chosen activities. We are more inclined to concern ourselves with how it will impact, affect or be received by others; rather than enjoying the process of creating or experiencing something important to us.

dancing 11

For instance, if we love to dance but spend our time worrying about whether or not people appreciate our every dance step, then we miss out on the fun and spontaneity of it all. Unless we are going to be on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and being judged specifically on technique; then there is no need for doing it a certain way. It is more fun to dance like no one is watching.

When we create and live in a way that takes the focus off our reviews, then our creativity will expand, flow and grow. Having our own unique blend of skills, interests and talents is not only a wonderful gift to us, but it offers a special contribution to the many other inventive projects and performances around us.

After all, it would be a pretty monotonous place if we all wrote, painted, or presented things in the same way.

Do you let your creativity flow or is it blocked by expectations on the outcome?

Action step:

Think about how differently you would express yourself artistically, if you were not concerned about the results, and then give it a try!

Create Your Day


Many of us believe that the level of happiness we experience each day is subject to chance and that we are just recipients of fate. However, we do play a larger role in creating our day than we might imagine.

By understanding that we are in control of our thoughts, attitude and outlook, we can begin living more consciously and enjoying each day more fully. Below are some suggestions for creating a beautiful day and life.

Make an effort to get inspired. Instead of waiting for inspiration to come to us, we can actively give ourselves a boost of motivation. By reading, listening or watching something inspirational, we will infuse our present mindset with uplifting guidance and joy.

See the good. When we are focused on the good, we are less likely to let any undesirable events ruin our day. Instead, we put our attention on giving, not taking anything for granted, and counting our blessings. Then, we are more inclined to see the good in people, things and situations.

Surround yourself with support. It is important to limit our exposure to negativity as much as possible, as this energy can pull us down. Instead, we’ll want to surround ourselves with positive support, encouragement and love while spreading these gifts to others as well. This will help us feel good about ourselves and attract the things and experiences we desire.

Take a holistic approach. Healthy living is not only about caring for our minds and emotions, but about caring for our physical needs as well. We need to be sure to eat something nutritious, exercise our bodies and take breaks throughout the day.

Get your rest. Many of us find it hard to rest because of all the ‘to do’ lists, and worries we take to bed at night. For instance, we may rehash an argument we had that day, or worry about what could go wrong at work tomorrow. However, sleep is a time to rest from daily stresses and think of only positive things to come, which helps us prepare for the day ahead.

Be proactive. When we are proactive and taking actions toward our goals; we are less likely to passively walk around reacting to people or circumstances. Of course, nothing and no one is perfect and sometimes we need to experience loss and defeat in order to grow. These uncomfortable growth experiences can be a way of making us better people by helping us learn patience, forgiveness and perseverance. This allows us the best chance for creating a better day and future.

Action Step:

Create a joyful day, by feeding your mind with positive images, thoughts and ideas.