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Maintain Your Childlike Spirit

Halloween is almost here, and many of us can still remember the thrill of dressing up in our costumes and walking the neighborhoods with our friends trick-or-treating. Though this holiday may not be our favorite anymore or feel the same as it did when we were kids, we can still maintain our childlike spirit through this and other holidays.

Some of us maintain it by taking our own children out for Halloween while others throw costume parties or hand out candy to the excited children who come to their door.

Though collecting candy is the highlight for kids and a concern for many parents, it doesn’t have to be totally unhealthy.

Check out this post from The Official Spark Blog for some healthy ideas.

Watching the Peanuts characters by Charles M. Schulz always brings a smile to my face and gets me in the holiday mood.

Maybe you have a happy memory of Halloween that does the same for you?

Action Step:

Enjoy the peanuts video!