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Keep Your Balance


Usually our bodies, mind and emotions will let us now when we are out of balance and need to adjust. For instance, I just finished an intensive 8-week course as part of a graduate program, and need to relax for a while to gain my equilibrium.

Naturally, balance is not a static occurrence and sometimes we will be required to work harder than others because of school or a specific project at work.

However, to the best of our ability, it is important to keep aware of what is needed at any given moment, and make whatever adjustments are applicable.

The same balancing principle holds true in daily relating as well. We need to balance giving with receiving and listening with being heard ourselves. Relationships flow better when there is a mutual give-and-take between each other. Additionally, balancing our social media time with private time is essential too!

Getting our needs met is ironically the best way to meet the needs of others, because we aren’t burned out or resentful from lack of self-care.

Therefore, do yourself and others a favor by taking good care of yourself today, and always!

How do you keep in balance?

Celebrate You

Quite often, we get so busy “doing” life, that we forget to stop and celebrate the wonderful things about ourselves that make us who we are. It can be easy to overlook all of the unique talents and abilities that we have been blessed with or feel self-conscious about rejoicing in them.

However, when we are embracing our individual attributes and feeling at our best, then we seem to be the most helpful to those around us as well.

The most beautiful and giving people are those who have a healthy appreciation for themselves. They give from a place of gratitude and joy, rather than a place of neediness and guilt. Their genuine caring energy has a dramatic positive effect on the world around them.

You are a one of a kind, and there is no one just like you. So, rather than comparing yourself to others, start focusing on what makes you so incredibly unique and special. Additionally, allow yourself to be surrounded by those things that you love and make you feel good.

Whether or not you enjoyed the book or film entitled, The Secret, the video clip originating from their website speaks to these ideas. It offers a great reminder to appreciate all that is good in the world, including ourselves!

Enjoy! And have a great time celebrating you!

Let the good feelings begin.

Action Step:

Watch video clip below.