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Perform an Act of Kindness









The greatest acts of kindness are those that are freely given because we care about others and don’t expect anything in return. However, we ultimately find that extending kindness provides its own rewards by improving our happiness, sense of purpose, and well-being.

We can make giving a regular habit by displaying thoughtfulness throughout the year and not just waiting for a crisis in order to demonstrate acts of generosity!

Ironically, when a disaster does strikes, sometimes we often don’t do anything because we feel our contribution is too insignificant or wouldn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things.

However, even the smallest action can make the biggest difference. We can do a lot with one small act.

Spreading kindness is a valuable experience for all concerned and is very infectious. When we’re willing to share our compassion with others, then we inspire those around us to do the same.

Generosity of spirit, action and warmth toward others are essential parts of a healthy community and life.

Below are some acts of kindness that we are all probably familiar with, and can participate in today and all year long:

  1. Volunteer at a local hospital
  2. Donate blood
  3. Anonymously send cash to those in need
  4. Buy a poor neighbor some groceries
  5. Forgive somebody
  6. Cook dinner for a busy parent
  7. Let your local police know how much you appreciate their service to the community
  8. Offer someone else your seat on the bus/train
  9. Listen intently
  10. Write a handwritten note of appreciation
  11. Be a courteous driver
  12. Let someone get ahead of you in the grocery line
  13. Pay the toll for the person behind you
  14. Give an inspiring book to a struggling friend
  15. Hold the elevator for someone
  16. Spend time with the elderly
  17. Babysit for a single parent
  18. Say thank you whenever anyone does something for you
  19. Visit an orphanage with some treats
  20. Share a smile
  21. Pick up the litter that you find on the street
  22. Pay for the movie tickets of the people in the line behind you
  23. Give out frequent compliments
  24. Speak lovingly
  25. Look for the good in others

Action Step:

Participate in one new act of kindness today.