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Savor the Silence

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One cannot underestimate the importance of silence in our daily lives. Silence can have a profound impact in the way we think, our daily actions, and the way we operate in relationships. When we don’t allow ourselves to reflect and catch our breath; we miss out on the transformative power and growth that occurs in being quiet. As a result, we are less emotionally present to others and ourselves.

Often, when we don’t allow stillness into our lives, it is because we are trying to escape the pains of:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Irritability
  3. Loneliness
  4. Self-doubt
  5. Boredom

These feelings can make it difficult to be silent, and sit in a quiet room. Therefore, we seek solace in the internet, texting, television, and the like; thinking these will bring us happiness and drown out any discomfort we may feel.

Certainly, these forms of technology and entertainment are not a bad thing, as they can be quite useful and positive. However, it is only when we don’t balance the busyness with some quiet time, and stop noticing what’s going on in our inner world, that it can be harmful.

After all, the way to meaning and happiness is found through introspection and facing who we really are, rather than running away from ourselves. When we only fill our lives with noise, activity, and distractions; it moves us away from transforming our mind, and connecting to a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Many of us find it difficult to turn off the radio in our cars or not have any background noise in the house. It can feel uncomfortable to just sit with ourselves and not be “doing” or “saying” something or “listening” to others. We’re so used to cluttering up our minds with constant noise that it becomes hard to hear ourselves think.

Therefore, incorporating some quiet time into our lives on a regular basis will help free us from the onslaught of racket that interferes with our personal development.

It is amazing how many benefits come from giving ourselves the gift of silence, such as:

  1. Connecting to our true self and divine nature
  2. Noticing our innermost thoughts
  3. Discovering our deepest desires, wants and needs
  4. Cultivating a closer relationship with ourselves
  5. Getting nourishment, insights and support from within
  6. Less seeking for answers outside ourselves
  7. Gaining a strong intuitive sense
  8. Finding peace within
  9. Experiencing spiritual enlightenment
  10. Feeling a connection between our heart and mind

The more we make room in our lives for stillness and tranquility by turning off the noise that claims our attention; the more we are able ‘hear’ the messages from our inner selves, and stay quietly in a room.

Action Step:

Savor at least 5 minutes of silence today.