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Make a Wanna Have Fun Box

Saving money can be a lot of fun when you create a decorative container to put your excess funds inside of toward vacations, concert tickets or anything else that brings you joy.

Much like a piggy bank when many of us were kids, you can drop extra dollars inside of your creation and watch it grow without effort.

Certainly, putting money away in a separate vacation account at the bank would grow your fun money just as well.

However, if you like the tangible experience and visual pleasure that comes from seeing your creation filling with money, than this method of saving could be a fun idea for you.

                                                             Ready to begin filling!

What would your fund container look like, and what fun plans do you have in store?

The Right Relationship Starts with You




Enjoy the Ride

Think about the best trips you’ve ever taken with others. Have you noticed that the joy was in the experience and connection you shared with the people you were traveling with? That it almost didn’t matter where you were headed, as long as you were with the right group on the journey?

This is true in life as well. We want to be traveling with the people we love and exploring our many adventures and experiences together. Life is short, which often becomes much more noticeable when someone we love passes away. These experiences make us realize just how important it is to savor every minute, and places more emphasis on the things and people that matter most.

This is preferable to focusing on every bump in the road. It is easy to get bogged down by the distractions of life, and miss all of the truly important things right in front of us. We can end up wasting days, weeks and even years worrying about what others are thinking of us, and other negative concerns that removes us from the moment.

This is not to say that troubling or unpleasant situations are trivial, and should be ignored, but rather that we ought to make as good use of our valuable time as possible.

Hopefully, we won’t let our fears keep us from trying new experiences, as we may miss out on the best times of our life! Quite often we hear of regrets from those who allowed trepidation to prevent them from pursuing their dreams.

My dad is a great, but unfortunate example, of someone who deprived himself of many joys in life. Rather than enjoying any of his hard-earned money, he scrimped and saved, never spending a dime, even during his retirement. The expression, ‘You can’t take it with you’ is definitely true, and I would have loved to see him delight in more of his earnings and the comforts it could have brought him.

It is important to save money, and equally important to use it to treat yourself as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean spending a large amount in order to have fun, because money can’t buy you happiness. However, it can buy you access to many pleasurable things and places to travel and explore, when you allow yourself to use it. Enjoy the ride!

Action Step:

Treat yourself to something fun today.