Don’t Get Locked Into One Response

Jack Canfield, author of the book entitled, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be and co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, often uses the metaphor of a combination lock to explain the formula for success and emotional freedom.

a lock 8

He explains that, if we know the combination to a lock, the lock has to open. It doesn’t matter who we are; if we know the right numbers and the right sequence of those numbers, it will open.

It is true that there does seem to be a specific formula that successful people follow, as shown below and briefly discussed in the video above.

a formula 2

It is EVENT + RESPONSE = OUTCOME (E + R = O), which involves taking total responsibility for what’s showing up in their lives.

If they don’t like the outcomes they are receiving in life; they change their responses to the events and situations that show up around them.

They don’t waste their energy blaming the event or get caught in the trance of habitually responding the same ways and expecting different results.

If what they are doing is not working, they take response-ability by making thoughtful adjustments instead of letting themselves off the hook by:

  1. Complaining
  2. Blaming
  3. Making excuses
  4. Justifying
  5. Defending

There are a multitude of responses we can choose, but rarely do we experience the outcomes we want from these negative reactions. Personal ownership and making thoughtful responses, provides a much better chance of getting a desired outcome.

a key

This formula is discussed at length in his book along with other key principles, for achieving more satisfying outcomes such as:

  1. Eliminating the phrase ‘I can’t’
  2. Taking lots of action
  3. Having the belief that the world is plotting to do us good
  4. Rejecting rejection

Action Step:

For one week, refuse to make excuses, blame, complain, justify or defend what isn’t working, and come up with a new response.

8 thoughts on “Don’t Get Locked Into One Response

  1. I try to never blame others. For a while there I was beginning to wonder if my life was “working”. Not now though. I am pleased with the choices I have made. The good thing about how I have lived my life is I can look back without regret or resentment. (mostly 🙂 )

    • So great to hear you are happy with your choices and enjoying your life! 🙂 I try not to blame others either, as it seems like such a dead end and doesn’t solve anything! Great hearing from you!

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