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Pick Your Battles

a distraction 2

Not every battle is worth fighting.

There are many situations throughout the day that one could choose to get upset about, but just as many opportunities for letting things go as well.

Becoming easily offended, or having to prove we’re right can bring about unnecessary discord in our life, and blow minor situations out of proportion.

For instance, when someone cuts us off in traffic, it is not worth spending all day upset about it or chasing them down to prove a point.

Additionally, wasting our energy getting upset about everything our coworkers, neighbors and acquaintances are doing is equally draining, and doesn’t bring a peaceful return on this emotional investment.

Therefore, instead of focusing on every disturbance we are presented with, we could thoughtfully pick our battles, and free up more energy for all that brings us joy.

Certainly, there are times to speak up for ourselves, but other times it’s more beneficial to shift our attention onto more pleasing pursuits.

Often, upon inspection, many of our challenges come from taking the behavior of others too personally, which can create needless battles within and around us, and distracts us from all that is pleasurable.

Action Step:

If you are struggling with something today, notice if the cost to your peace of mind is worth the price.


Set Yourself Free

a emotional freedom

I have been enjoying creating the visual aids that will accompany the information being discussed in my upcoming four week personal growth series beginning on November 11 entitled, Emotional Freedom and Self-Care Series.

I find it fun to produce several visual demonstrations of the material I wish to convey onto poster boards with various pictures, and diagrams. Not only are they uplifting to make but they really help to reinforce the material in an entertaining way as well.

We will be discussing:

  • What emotional freedom means.
  • Our level of emotional freedom.
  • Defining our emotional type.
  • Dealing with emotional vampires.
  • And more…

It is amazing how easily we can waste our energy blaming the people, events and situation in our life for our lack of freedom but it is our habitual responses to what happens that usually constricts us.

We often get caught up in the trance of responding the same ways to external occurrences, and expecting different results or have such strict routines that we don’t allow for spontaneity.

For example, I found myself speaking up about something today that I have remained silent about in the past, and it felt good to do it differently.

It also felt great to exercise my freedom by breaking from my regular gym schedule, and going today instead, in order to mix it up a little. I have a routine of going to the gym on certain days, and taking certain classes, and sticking to that schedule pretty religiously.

Certainly nothing wrong with that but variety is the spice of life, and sometimes the smallest actions can create the largest rewards, and open us up in a whole new way.

Are you feeling emotionally free today?

Action Step:

Do one thing differently today, and see how it feels.